Hey Cats!

So, as you can see from my BSB-inspired title, it has been quite a while since I’ve posted. There are two reasons for this. 1. There is no time to blog in college. Unless I decided to be lame or fail, neither of which is  an option. and 2. I forgot the password to log in… Anyways, it’s Christmas break, and I’ve been home for about two weeks, and I’ve just about run out of things to do. So, of course, I decided to revive Sweet Cats. And I have SO MANY IDEAS!!!! Seriously, I’m so excited. Also, next fall I’m moving into a house with 5 of my best friends. Yes, we know it will probably be a little crazy, but we’re fully prepared to handle it :). Anyways, I tell you this because I’ve already started crafting for the house, so I’ll have plenty of things to post! And since Pinterest has truly changed my crafting life, I always have an abundance of inspiration! In my next post, I’ll share a super recipe I came up with this afternoon…you’re going to love it! Until next time!


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