Smoothies & String Cheese

Hey Cats!

So, it’s Thursday night. You know, most college kids go out on Thursday nights, and I usually like to do that too, but tonight….well, I don’t really want to talk about why I’m sitting in my dorm with nothing better to do than blog about random things. ANYWAYS, here I am, listening to Phil Wickham Pandora & eating string cheese & drinking a smoothie for my dinner. Healthy, right? You know, it’s really hard to find good things to eat when you live in a dorm and your only appliance is a microwave. Although I’ve only lived in the dorm for a semester and a week, I like to think that I’ve gotten pretty creative with my food choices. For example, the smoothie I’m currently drinking. If allowed, you should get a small blender for your dorm. Mine is a single-serving “power blender” (whatever that means) & its the Cooks brand from JCPenney. It was on sale for like, $30 during the summer, so I bought it for my room, & it’s come in handy when I want something different! For my smoothies, I buy the frozen packages that have yogurt chunks (which is super weird when you think about it) and fruit, and just add apple juice! It’s a lot more convienient than keeping fresh fruit, and since I don’t make smoothies super often, it’s good because it doesn’t ruin, like fresh fruit would. Another idea is Lean Cuisines. Duh. I just thought I’d add that, since they are kind of a staple in my diet. Also, I like Laughing Cow cheese wedges with the mini saltine crackers. I’ll eat that & some fruit for lunch occasionally. Another useful tool is an apple wedger/slicer/corer? (not sure of the technical name.). I’ve always wanted one & I told my mom that I’d eat fruit in college if she got me one… hehe. But really, it’s very nice to have. I like to eat apples with peanut butter for a snack, it’s healthy and very filling! Another thing I like is 100 calorie packs of popcorn. Quick and delicious. Enough said. Actually, 100 calorie packs of anything are quite wonderful. I feel better about my snacking if it’s already a controlled portion. For breakfast, I like oatmeal, even though its a pain to clean out the bowl. Other ideas are granola bars, hummus and Wheat Thins, soup, Nutella (not exactly healthy, but quite delicious), cherry tomatoes, almonds, tea, coffee, carrots & ranch, and water. Oh, I suggest a filtered pitcher rather than buying bottles of water. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but you don’t have to carry heavy bottles up the stairs to your room! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this super random post about things you probably already know. But if it was of assistance to any of you, then I’ve done my job. Well, I’m going to go read my Political Science book, but I am working on a new DIY that will hopefully be posted soon! I tried to follow instructions from another blog. but I bought the wrong stuff, so I’m just going to make something up. Until next time!

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