A Few of My Favorite Pins-Fashion Edition

Hey Cats!

Like many of you, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I love finding new home decor ideas (for the home I don’t yet have), craft inspiration (to do in my fleeting free time), fashion tips, and new recipes! In fact, my roommate once told me that she always knew when I was in class because she would see that I was pinning up a storm! (That’s a habit that gets you B’s instead of A’s, I wouldn’t recommend it.) I have found that if you need directions or help with anything domestic, you can usually find multiple tutorials on Pinterest. While the majority of my pins are crafts and recipes, I do enjoy pinning to my Fashion board from time to time. This board mostly contains coveted pieces of clothing far out of my price range, but I have found a few pins that lead to great resources for making the most of your wardrobe! Here are my Top 5 links from my Fashion/Hair board!

First is this link to a list of 50 wardrobe must-haves. This will lead you to Chic Street Style, one of my favorite blogs! This lists the staples for a well-built, versatile closet, but also includes fun pieces as well! I personally don’t have everything on the list, but I am slowly working towards it!



Next is this Urban Decay Naked palette tutorial. I love my Naked palette, and I use it every day! There are so many colors, and I didn’t really know how to use them all properly, so I’m glad I found this tutorial from MakeupByTiffanyD! I tried the “Everyday Fresh Faced” tutorial, and now that’s what I wear every day!



This next pin is great for the winter! I love scarves, but anything other than an infinity scarf gives me anxiety. I can never decide how to tie it and it’s just a stressful time. However, this website, Scarves Dot Net, has an entire library of scarf-tying tutorials! Some are really difficult and elaborate, and some work if you’re in a hurry. The pin leads you to a page with the best scarf knots for different necklines, which is great, but I would encourage you to explore the rest of the site for other ideas!



This next pin has definitely come in handy this spring, since neon is all the rage. It shows the best colors to pair with your neons (because you would never wear a solid neon color from head to toe. At least not if you wanted to be my friend.). I especially love the idea of orange paired with navy! The link leads you to the blog “with an ie”.



Next is a pin I really love. I am all about the stacked bracelet trend, but I find it difficult to arrange the bracelets correctly. This visual guide from Kate Spade New York (of course. Love ya, Kate) is a good reference for how many bangles to pile on and in what order. I like how it shows a variety of bracelets on each wrist with a few different options!



And since I love the kitties so much, here is an extra. I am absolutely dying for a cat sweater, and it is my goal to get one this winter. I know it’s not the most chic addition to my wardrobe, but I feel like I could pull it off. Like, I NEED this. Right meow.



So there you have it! What are the best fashion tips you have come across on Pinterest?

Until next time!


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