Eggs Benedict- With a Side of Sass

Hey Cats!

As you may know, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. You can go sweet or savory (or both!), fancy or simple, quick or leisurely. I take every opportunity I get to be a diva and have a long breakfast (with two cups of coffee, obvi), and I also love to try new breakfast recipes! I have always wanted to try eggs Benedict, but I’ve never felt ambitious enough. After all, cooking first thing in the morning means I’m not as alert and on top of my game, so if things go wrong I won’t have the best problem-solving skills. But anyways, last night, when I was trying to go to sleep, I decided that today was the day I would go for the eggs Benedict, and I was so excited about the meal to come that I was unable to talk myself out of it. So, this morning I sprung out of bed and… Okay, that’s a lie. I begrudgingly pulled myself out of bed at 8:45, because the repairman was supposed to come fix the dryer between 9-11. (More about this later) But I was actually really excited to get up and try my new recipe! I chose this recipe from Pinterest because it looked easy, and the directions for the hollandaise sauce called for a double boiler, not a blender. It makes me nervous that you don’t actually cook the egg yolks when you make the kind in the blender.  Also, I love this website because you can adjust the recipe according to how many servings you’re making!

So, mine was not as pretty as this one. Like, at all. I’m honestly kind of embarrassed to post the picture because it looks…gross. I also substituted regular toast for an English muffin, and we didn’t have bacon, so I omitted it all-together. Here’s what mine looked like! (Promise you won’t judge. It was my first try, okay?)

photo (5)

Like I said, really ugly. I have also never poached eggs until this morning, so they were a little misshapen. I fully expected this to taste horrible and was prepared to pour a bowl of Cheerios and sulk, but how wrong I was. I mean, it was simply divine. I sat and happily devoured all of it and waited for the repairman.

Which brings me to my next point. I have HAD. IT.  with repairmen. Everything in my house tends to break when I’m at home for summer or Christmas break. And since my parents are at work during the day, I am the one who has to deal with the people that come to fix things. Which is fine, I am a responsible being who lives independently 9 months out of the year, so I am fully capable of interacting with such service people. However, at home my parents are the ones who discover things aren’t working, and I generally don’t know what the problem is, I am just instructed not to use the dryer, dishwasher, etc. I’m obviously not stupid, I am just unaware of the technicalities and details of the issue. But when the repairmen come, they always ask the same question: “What’s wrong with (insert faulty appliance)?”. To which I respond, “Well, I’m not really sure, but it’s not working.” And they typically respond with a look that says that they think I just fell out of a tree. I respond with a half-sincere apology and take them to wherever they need to go. And they start working their magic, most likely surmising on how much of an idiot I am. Like today, for example. The little man comes in and asks me what kind of noise the dryer is making. “It’s not making a noise, it just got really hot the last time we used it.” He was not pleased, but I took him to the laundry room and went back to watching Gilmore Girls. I mean, he can figure it out, he’s a professional, right? Well, he re-emerges five minutes later and this conversation unfolds: Repairman:”Is it a thumping noise?” Kristen:”Uhh yeah, that’s it.” RM:”Well I’m not hearing anything.” K:”Okay, well actually it was a rattling noise.” RM:*rolls eyes* “Well I’m not hearing that either.” K:”Well, we haven’t used it in over a week, so…” RM:”Well, they typically don’t fix themselves.” He then returned to his work. Like please, the sass is unnecessary. He eventually fixed it, and went on his merry way, and hopefully I won’t have to see him for a while. Also, last week someone came by to fix the air conditioner. My parents just wanted to see what was wrong, and they wanted to talk about it or whatever before they actually fixed it, which I understand. They also didn’t leave a check or anything, so it’s not like I could pay for any work done. So this little guy comes in, surveys the damage, and reports back to me. I explain to him that I have to talk to my parents and that we will call him back to schedule his next visit. He instructs me to call my parents, so I do, but of course, no one answers. I assure him that my dad will call in the afternoon and escort him out. Once he’s gone, my dad calls (of course) and I explain the situation. Five minutes later, the repairman comes back to the door and says that I “need to text my dad immediately and let him know what is going on.” Like, please. I know I look like I’m 14, but I’m 20 and perfectly capable of handling this. Also, I live upstairs with the broken a/c, and I want this repaired even more than you do. And “immediately” is such a diva word, and I only use it, I don’t respond to it very well. Fortunately, my dad called me while I was struggling to politely communicate that I had everything under control, and he finally believed me. Also, all of these service visits required me to wake up before nine, which I was not pleased with. So pray with me that nothing else in my house breaks before I leave in August.

Hopefully you try the eggs Benedict recipe, and have better luck with repairmen than I have had! What is your favorite thing to make for breakfast?


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