Current Obsession- Friendship Bracelets

Hey Cats!

Recently I have developed a new appreciation for a childhood favorite: the friendship bracelet. The bright colors and fun patterns scream summer to me, and I think they’re the perfect addition to any casual summer ensemble! They are also fun to make, which I re-discovered during finals week. Very poor timing, I know. My roommate and I would take bracelet study breaks, which usually turned into dinner and Dance Moms breaks, which turned into a few hours. Oops! I also went overboard and bought a 36-skein variety pack of embroidery thread because I thought I would use it all over the summer, so I’m hoping that this phase lasts a while.

image (16)

Here are all of the bracelets I’ve made so far! The one on the left is my favorite, and since it’s a little more dressy, I usually wear it in a group with my kate spade bangle and a few others for a stacked wrist! I made it myself, following this tutorial. The next bracelet is a simple chevron, which I have known how to make forever, but if you don’t, you can follow this tutorial. The big, fancy one is one of my favorites. It took me forever, and unfortunately it’s too big for my wrist, but I’m working on finding a solution to that! You can make it following this tutorial. Finally, we have the blue and green bracelet. I like this one because it doesn’t look like the rest of them! I followed this tutorial.

image (18)

Here is my mass of embroidery thread. Anybody want a bracelet?

image (19)

Here’s the bracelet I’m working on right now!

Hopefully you will make a few bracelets and add them to your summer wardrobe! I like to mix them in with other jewelry to add a pop of color and fun! What do you think about this trend? Let me know!

That’s all for meow! -Kristen

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