Lily Pulitzer Agenda Review

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As you may or may not know, I am incredibly Type A, especially when it comes to school. It’s a new development since I went to college. I like to tell myself that it’s because I have a “commitment to excellence” (which is a Texas A&M core value), but many times I’m just being dramatic. One thing I have come to love, cherish, and protect with my life in my past two years of college is my planner. If you’re going to college this fall and in high school you were one of those kids who didn’t really keep up with anything (speaking from experience) and still breezed through, that will change. Once you’re responsible for not only your grades but also your physical survival, you will NEED a planner to help you keep your life together. The first two years, I had a super cute refillable planner with a hot pink cover, and it served its purpose well. However, this year I decided I needed something a little different. I’m going to be involved in a few more organizations, I’m taking a pretty heavy course load, and I’m going to be my sister’s Maid of Honor in February. So I’m already a little stressed. I’d heard that Lily Pulitzer agendas were the way to go, but I was also considering Erin Condren and May Designs. I am super picky about my planner-  a monthly calendar before the weekly pages is imperative, there must be adequate space on each day for me to write assignments on the left and social engagements on the right, and it has to be durable enough to survive an entire year in my backpack and for me to dramatically throw on the ground at least once during finals week. Lily was the one that met all of these criteria. I love how you can personalize Erin Condren and May Books, but there are some things I’m just not willing to sacrifice. I ended up purchasing the Jumbo Agenda in the “Get Nauti” print, and I’m already obsessed.

photo (30) First of all, I love the print. I’m a little concerned that it might make me want to go to the beach instead of the library, but we’ll cross that bridge later. Also, I love the durable cover and spiral binding-great for wear-and-tear it’s sure to endure. Inside, the pages are sprawling with space for me to meticulously plan out my days, and they have precious Lily print scattered throughout! I also plan to make great use of the sticker page- there’s one for every occasion! While I haven’t used it to its full potential yet (but I plan to keep you posted), I already love my new planner, and I feel it will keep me large and in charge during this hectic year ahead! I would recommend Lily agendas to any fabulous woman living a fabulously busy life! They come in an array of sizes and patterns, and there is sure to be one for everyone!

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In My Closet-Denim Jacket

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I know it’s only Tuesday, but I’m already ready for it to be the weekend! Mostly because my birthday is on Saturday! I’ve always loved having a summer birthday, since I never have to go to school or anything, and luckily, the first year I’m working, it’s on a Saturday. If only every August 3rd could be a Saturday. Anyways, I’m sure I will have more about that later this week and next. Right now, I need to share with you another segment of In My Closet- a blog series where I feature an item of clothing I personally own that I feel is a necessary staple in the wardrobe of a fashion-forward young woman. This week, I’ve decided to feature something I’ve had in my closet for years, but just now started appreciating its true value-my denim jacket!

image (8)

image (9)

For a while, whenever I would think of a denim jacket, I thought about the one I had in elementary school that I kind of loved but kind of hated, It was from Old Navy (of course), and I wore it with literally everything. I thought it was cute (because that’s what my mom told me…she was right), but I hated how it felt-scratchy, stiff, and crunchy. I refused to wear one for a while, but I got this out of necessity my sophomore year of high school, when our homecoming dance was western-themed, and I needed something to go over my dress. It has stayed in the back of my closet for years, but I recently brought it out again for a western-themed date party. It was February and I had the cutest dress, but it was a bit chilly! That’s when I realized that this jacket was worth more than I was giving it credit for. As the weather got warmer, I started wearing the jacket with maxi dresses, cotton dresses, and colored jeans and solid tees. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t cropped, because that makes things awkward, but my denim jacket has truly become a valuable gem in my wardrobe. My favorite way to wear it is with my patterned maxi, sandals, and bold jewelry! It’s a great piece to throw over anything to make it more conservative or more fitting for cooler weather. I’m seeing denim jackets more and more this summer- my friend Kinsey wore hers over a cute floral dress with heels to church on Sunday, and one of the girls in my office wore one with a simple striped dress. As I said, I purchased mine so long ago that I can’t even remember where I got it, but I love this classic from Levi’s, this one (on sale!) from Old Navy, or this dark washed option from Joe’s Jeans. I’m excited to see what I can do with it in the fall-stay tuned! 

What’s your favorite way to wear a denim jacket?

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Recipe-Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Who is excited for the weekend? I know I am, especially since this is the first weekend in probably two months I don’t have plans or have to go out of town, so I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend at my house. As I have mentioned, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day- I love the variation of breakfast foods, from extra savory to basically dessert. I’m usually fine with cereal on mornings when I have to go to work or school, but lately I’ve just gotten tired of it. Tonight, I told my mother “I am so over my cereal, I’m making muffins.” She’s used to my dramatics, so she just told me to make sure I cleaned up my mess. We didn’t have any fruit I wanted to use, and I didn’t feel like going to the store, so I scoured the cupboard for usable ingredients. I came across mini chocolate chips and vanilla pudding mix, so I decided to see what I could do! I used a basic muffin recipe for guidance, but used my own judgement for most of the ingredients! Here’s what you’ll need:

Dry Ingredients

-1 1/2 cups flour

-1/2 cup granulated sugar

-2 tbsp brown sugar

-1 1/2 tsp baking soda

-1/2 tsp salt

-1 packet of instant vanilla pudding mix

Wet Ingredients

-1/3 cup melted butter

-1 egg

-3/4 cup milk

-3/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Here’s what you do:

First, preheat your oven to 350 and line a muffin tin with paper liners. Next, combine all the dry ingredients, making sure the brown sugar isn’t in clumps (I would suggest using a fork). Then, add your wet ingredients and mix well. The batter should be thick, but still pourable-at first I only added 1/2 cup of milk and it was like cookie dough, so I added more! Finally, stir in the chocolate chips! Pour into the lined muffin tin and bake for 25 minutes or until slightly golden and firm.

photo (29)

These are really dense, yet still creamy from the pudding mix! Also, mini chocolate chips are my new favorite thing because when you bake with them, they just take over the batter and you get chocolate in literally every bite…it’s beyond delicious. I can’t wait to have another one of these in the morning-hopefully I’ll be happier about this than I was my cereal!

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

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DIY-Glitter Quote Canvas

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Every Tuesday, my friends and I get together to watch Pretty Little Liars. These past few weeks, we have baked cookies or done some other activity before we watch, since our only other chance to hang out with each other is on the weekends! Yesterday, we decided to craft for our college houses, and we all ended up painting something. My friend Kinsey painted a cross for the cross wall she and her roommates are going to have, and my friend Joy re-painted a canvas with a C.S. Lewis quote to hang in her room. I chose a little different approach, and painted a canvas with a quote from my latest favorite movie- The Great Gatsby. This idea popped into my head a few months ago, but I haven’t had the desire opportunity to paint until yesterday! It totally doesn’t match the colors my roommates and I chose, but they approved anyways!

photo (28)

Isn’t it fabulous?  Kinsey helped me with the lettering, which brought back memories of painting spirit signs in high school for cheerleading (we were true artists, let me tell you!). I LOVE that “party” is in glitter, I think it turned out really well, and it pops exactly how I wanted it to! I painted over the pencil outline in the gold paint, then spread the glitter on with a paintbrush. Next, I went outside and shook the excess off the canvas. Once the letters were dry, I coated the entire painting in ModPodge, leaving the glitter letters for last. I was terrified that it was going to dry white, but it dried clear and gives the painting a nice, glossy finish! This is one of my favorite quotes from Gatsby, and it basically sums up how I feel about college and life in general-a little fun is good for you! I love making decorations for my college house, and I have a few more up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

What’s your favorite DIY decoration?

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The BEST M&M Cookies Ever

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Before we get to the cookies, let me tell you about my weekend! My cousin got married, and I was a bridesmaid. I’ve never been in a wedding before, and it’s actually been a while since I’ve even been to one, so it was exciting! My cousin Laurel and I have been best friends since we were little, and I loved being able to be included in her special day! I also got this fabulous purple monogrammed robe out of the deal, and one of my new favorite pastimes is sitting around in it being dramatic.


I also got to meet some of the sweetest girls who were also her bridesmaids. We got along so well, and THE Bridal Party was definitely a force to be reckoned with!


We have a HUGE extended family, and it was fun to see everyone! My second cousins were the flower girls, which was truly adorable.


It was so much fun, but also so exhausting! I slept all day on Sunday, and made these cookies!


I made these for the first time with my friends Joy and Kinsey last Tuesday before watching PLL, and they were absolutely delicious! The vanilla pudding mix makes them really fluffy and extra special. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a photo of the finished product, and now they are all gone! I used this recipe from Picky Palate blog, and I definitely encourage you to try them yourself! I love using both mini chocolate chips and M&M’s, you get so much more chocolate than you do with the regular sized ones!

Let me know how yours turn out!

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In My Closet-Casual Black Dress

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Remember about a month ago when I said I was going to start a new series called “In My Closet”? Well, here’s the second post! Maybe I should call it an “occasional feature” rather than a series since I’m not too great about posting regularly! To refresh your memory, (or if you’re a new reader) each In My Closet post features an item of clothing I personally own that I feel is a staple in the wardrobe of a fashion-forward young woman. This time I’ve chosen to feature my newest (clothing) purchase, a casual black dress from BCBGeneration. I bought this last weekend when I went shopping with my mom. It was WAY on sale-regularly $88, I got it for $43! I wasn’t looking for a dress, but I picked it up because it looked cute and it was a good deal. I put it on and my mom told me that if I only bought one thing that day (I didn’t), it should be this dress.

photo (26)

It fits me perfectly and is quite flattering! It’s very simple and sophisticated, and can be worn for a variety of occasions. I wore it to church on Sunday with black peep-toe Jessica Simpson heels and my favorite Kendra Scott turquoise Elle earrings. It can be dressed up with heels and jewelry, or dressed down with nice sandals and studs. You could even add a cardigan when it gets cooler! Since this dress was on sale, I don’t think it’s available online anymore, but here are some similar options!

1)Love these lace sleeves

2)This pleated skirt is darling!

3)This trendy peplum is also a great choice!

If you don’t have a casual black dress in your wardrobe, you should definitely invest in one. It will become a go-to piece that you won’t regret purchasing!

What’s your favorite way to wear a black dress?

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Outfit of the Day-Gray and Pink

Hey Cats!

image (34)

photo (25)

This morning I was having a mild wardrobe crisis while getting ready for work. It was one of those days where you just don’t feel like wearing any of the clothes appropriate for the occasion (and I KNOW everyone has those days). I tried dresses, pants, and multiple shirt and cardigan combos, but they ended up thrown on my bed in frustration (they’re actually still there as I type, in mountains on each side of me.). I felt like I’d recently worn everything in my closet and wanted something different. Some of the girls in my office have worn colored jeans to work, so I decided that I could do that too! I chose my fuchsia jeans from JCPenney (no longer available in this color), and paired it with my gray shell from Loft (similar) in order to make the outfit look slightly more professional and less trendy. I’m always afraid that I’ll wear something that screams “summer intern”, and even though that’s what I am, I don’t want it to be obvious! I added my Kendra Scott Neely necklace to give the top a little interest. I finished the look off with my trusty black sandals from Target! I recently bought these, and I honestly don’t know how I’ve gotten this far without black sandals-they go with literally everything! I got many compliments on this outfit, which is great since I threw it together 5 minutes before I left for work!

What’s your favorite way to wear pink and gray?

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Building a Work Wardrobe

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As you may know, I recently got a summer job at a law firm, doing everything from cleaning out storage closets to sitting in on meetings with clients. I’m learning new things every day, and while some days are more interesting than others, I absolutely love it! The office dress code is business casual, so I got really excited because when I wear “real people clothes” I feel like I really have my life together. However, aside from my one pair of black dress pants and all the cardigans I accumulated during my “dress like someone’s mom” phase in high school (not really as tragic as it sounds), I had nothing to wear to work. I wore my sister’s clothes for a few days, but then I realized that wasn’t going to work all summer. But I didn’t want to buy a closet full of work clothes when my job was only going to last for a little over a month. So I went out in search of a few pieces that would mix and match to give me an array of options. My first and only stop was Loft. I received an email saying that everything in the store was 50% off, so I practically drug my mother to the mall after dinner one night. And I hit the jackpot! For starters, I got the Marisa cropped pant in black, white, and khaki.

black pants

white pants

khaki pants

I like these because they mix and match with everything! I also like the cropped length for summer- not as hot as long pants!

Next, I added tops. I got these shells from Loft as well, but I couldn’t find them on the website anymore (but check out this similar option. I love the coral!). I chose purple and gray. I wear the purple top with the black or white pants, and the gray with the white pants. Also, please excuse my closet-it’s such a mess!

photo (23)

I also bought this white sheer long-sleeved top.

photo (24)

First of all, it desperately needs to be ironed. But anyways, I like to wear this with my long black pants and heels on days when I want to really look like a pro. Also, I love this because I can wear it in life outside of work! It pairs well with dark skinnies (or colored jeans) and wedges for a great dinner look.

image (32)

I absolutely adore this paisley sweater. It’s very light, so it’s not too hot! I love the stripes on the sleeves, too! I wear this with my khaki pants or jeans on Friday. I wore it in real life with my JCrew khaki chino shorts at the beach-I’m all about double-duty!

image (33)

I also bought this flowy black top. It looked fabulous on, and was only $14! I wear it with my white and khaki pants and my turquoise Kendra Scott Elle earrings for a pop of color! Once again, I can pair this top with shorts or jeans for a cute after work look as well!

Everything I purchased was from Loft, and it was also WAY on sale! If you sign up for their emails, you will be notified whenever they have a sale, which is great because most of their really big sales last for just one day!

In addition, I mix in the cardigans from the above-stated mom phase, JCrew solid tees, and other dressy tops from my closet or my sister’s. I typically wear sandals or black flats or occasionally heels. It’s not a huge wardrobe, but it’s enough to get me started! My take-away must haves for a beginning work wardrobe are:

-Comfortable dress pants in black, white, and khaki

-Shells that match each pair of pants (2 or 3)

-One white sheer long-sleeve

-One black shell or tank

-One fun patterned top that matches each pair of pants

-Cardigans galore.

What are your workplace wardrobe staples?

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Outfit of the Day-Bachelorette Party!

Hey Cats!

My cousin’s bachelorette party was this past weekend, and it was a blast! We stayed in a precious hotel in downtown Dallas and had dinner and a lingerie shower. It was fun, but not too crazy, which was perfect! I was really excited to wear “going-out clothes”, since I don’t get to go out when I’m home. 

photo (22)

This navy skirt is one of my favorites! It’s BCBGeneration, and it’s the perfect going-out skirt! I paired it with this top from Loft, and my favorite wedges (they’re old and I couldn’t find them online, but I like these from Steve Madden, these (also Steve), and these from Jessica Simpson). I decided to go with a bold necklace and smaller earrings. I wore the Neely necklace from Kendra Scott with the Morgan studs, also from Kendra. I finished it off with a Lily and Laura bracelet, and my kate spade idiom bangle.

image (31)

Here’s my sea-star and I at the party! Did you know she blogs, too? Enter her awesome giveaway and check out her blog!

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Single Girl Closet on a College Girl Budget-Baroque Sunglasses

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A while back I spotted Kourtney Kardashian wearing these fabulous Prada sunglasses and I immediately fell in love with them! (and also her turban-where can I find one of those?)


I did a little research, and discovered they were $290- way out of my college girl budget. Disappointed, I decided they weren’t meant to be and settled for a Target pair that had the big, round frames, but not the baroque detailing (which was my favorite part). However, one afternoon while catching up on my Bloglovin’ feed, I came across Amber from FACE IT Catalog wearing what I thought were the Prada sunnies I had been coveting. (Also, how fab is she? Her outfit posts are truly the best, and I have serious closet envy. This is probably a good time to also mention that this photo is used with permission from Amber!)

amber in sunglasses,

However, I scrolled down to view the outfit details, and discovered that she purchased her eyewear from Framework. I was overjoyed, especially when I reached the site and they were on sale for $3.94. Yes, less than $5. THEY WERE SO MEANT TO BE. I immediately typed in my credit card number and made them mine, and with shipping, the total was under $7. They were waiting for me when I arrived home from vacation Thursday night, which was just the best, and I am very pleased with them!

photo (21)

They are very chic, and add just the right amount of whimsy to your outfit. Also, I just feel absolutely fab when I wear them. Steals like this are the perfect way to build your Single Girl Closet on your College Girl Budget!

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