Beach Essentials

Hey Cats!

My family and I are at the beach this week! I love the beach, so it’s great to be in the sun and have a small break from work! Today was our first full day, and it was absolutely perfect. I personally am not one to lay out on the beach all day- I like to play in the water and catch waves with my dad and sister! I always like to wear a hat at the beach, partly because it protects me from the sun, but mostly because it just makes me feel fabulous. I tried to find a floppy straw hat (Unfortunately I dropped mine in the ocean the last time we were at the beach and it’s ruined.), but it was impossible! I reluctantly settled for a fedora, which I kind of can’t believe since I have loathed them forever- but now, I love it! it’s not as big as a floppy hat, so I don’t have to worry about it getting in my way as much! While at Target purchasing the fedora, I came across the perfect beach nail polish, and it was on sale! This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Man-go Team! My sister and I are both using it this week! And you know about my oversized round sunglasses that I got instead of the $290 Prada frames I loved. (I have news about this-coming soon!) All three of these items are essentials for my trip to the beach!

photo (18)

Everything pictured is from Target (of course).

Are you going on vacation this summer? Where are you going and what can you not live without while you’re there?

That’s all for Meow!


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