Living the Beach Life-Vacation 2013!

Hey Cats!

As I mentioned, my family and I went to South Padre this week! It was so great to have a little break from work, and to just spend time with my family. I LOVE the beach, and it’s been two years since I’ve been, so I was thrilled to be back! The first day we went to the beach in the morning, and then went back to our condo to get ready for dinner, which was super fun, but we got a little too much sun! Also, one of my best friends from school (and one of my roommates for next year!) lives in the area, so she came to visit me! It was so much fun to get to see her and catch up with her, and it made me ready to be back at school living with her and our other bestie!

image (30)

The next day, we did a little sightseeing!

photo (19)

My sister and I at the top of the lighthouse!

image (29)

My delicious crab legs I ate for lunch one day! I love crab, and I only get it at the beach, because it’s fresh. However, kitchen shears were a little awkward and messy!

photo (20)

I’m not really one for souvenir t-shirts anymore, so I got this headband instead. I love these fat, cloth headbands, especially when I’m at school and don’t feel like fixing my hair!

It was a great trip, and I’m glad I got to spend time with my family!

Where is your favorite spot to go on vacation?

That’s all for Meow!


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