Wednesday Pins-Day

Hey Cats!

Happy Wednesday! For some of you, that means that the work week is half over, and for me that means I only have four days left at home, and four days to find and pack up all my stuff for school. It’s a daunting task, so that’s why I’m blogging instead of actually doing it. As you know, Pinterest is another one of my favorite ways to waste time, and I’ve come across a few gems lately that I would love to share with you!

cupcake holder pin First is this fantastic idea from imgfave. What a cute way to give someone a little treat! I once put cupcakes in a tall, clear, plastic glass covered with cling wrap, and it was handy and kind of cute, but this is much better. I’ll definitely have to remember this the next time I feel inclined to whip up an enormous batch of cupcakes.

cher and dad

Because I just love Cher Horowitz and Clueless, and I feel like this is a conversation I’ve had with my own dad.

DIY shorts

This pin led me to an article on Fashion Diva Design with oodles of ideas on how to make your own shorts like those above, and how to re-purpose old denim shorts! This reminded me that I’ve been wanting to make a pair of cutoffs for two summers now, so maybe I’ll get on that.

pink pin room

This ultra-glam bedroom inspiration from my home lookbook is to die for. I’m loving the simple white, black, and cream with hot pink and mirrored accents! I wish my bedroom was this chic.


These fabulous monogrammed paperboard coasters from Neiman Marcus. These would make the perfect gift for a newly married couple (I don’t know why I said that, I know a total of 2 of those) or for yourself.


Last but certainly not least, this. School is upon us, and I’m soon to turn into a new type of beast. Joy.

What are your favorite pins from this week?

That’s all for meow!

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Pins-Day

  1. Ahh! I love making my own shorts! The best way that I’ve found is to get a pair from Goodwill that is a good brand (I find at least 1 or 2 AE or Express jeans every time I go) and then you don’t waste a ton of money if you mess up. You just have to buy them a tad too big so they fit like more like shorts. If you use a razor blade or sharp knife to create some “scratches,” it comes out of the washer/dryer looking perfectly distressed!

    • It’s so much fun! That’s awesome, I’ve always hated how mine are too tight around the legs like jeans rather than shorts, but now I know how to fix that! Thanks China!

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