“It’s a Lot Like Heaven”

Hey Cats!

Last week, my parents and I traveled to Plano for my annual check-up with my cardiologist. I love going to the Dallas area, mainly because of the copious shopping opportunities typically unavailable to me in East Texas or the Brazos Valley. My check-up was at Children’s Medical Center at Legacy, conveniently located 1.5 miles away from the newest Kendra Scott store at The Shops at Legacy. I love Kendra, but every piece I own has been a gift from my sister or her fiance, so I’ve never stepped foot in a Kendra store myself. You can imagine my delight as I realized I was going to be within a stone’s throw of the boutique. My friend Ashley shares my love of the beautiful baubles, so when I told her I was going, she said, “I’ve never been inside a Kendra Scott store, but I imagine it looks a lot like heaven.” Well, she was right.

photo (39)

The outside is beautiful as well! The Shops at Legacy is such an adorable area, and I wanted to stay longer, but alas, we could not.

The Kendra Scott store was indeed, heaven. With clean lines and simple, white furniture, the jewelry is allowed to take center stage and be the real decor of the boutique. The  staff was very welcoming and helpful, and invited my mother and I to try on anything we pleased. I absolutely love the new Fall Modern Treasures collection, especially the dark red stone that’s as close to Aggie Maroon as you can get! However, I decided to go with a classic that I’ve been wanting for quite some time now-Danielle earrings in black.

image (41)

Aren’t they just fabulous? I love the size, they’re bold, but not over-the-top. I chose black because I want to be able to wear them as much as possible! While I could have purchased literally everything in the store, I’m very pleased with my choice. If you’ve never been to a Kendra Scott boutique, you should definitely go immediately. If there isn’t one in your area, check it out online- I promise you’ll find something you can’t live without. Stay tuned to see how I style these gorgeous earrings!

What’s your favorite Kendra Scott piece?

That’s all for meow!

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