Hop Til You Drop!

Hey Cats!

I’m writing this from my local Starbucks, because I moved into my house at school and we don’t get internet until Tuesday or so! I”m so excited to be in my new house, but the last girls left it in a bit of a mess, so the roomies and I have our work cut out for us! That being said, I’m going to be very busy for a few days, so blogging might be a little slow!

Today, I’m joining Breanna and a few fabulous other ladies for “Hop Til You Drop”, a blog and social media hop! I love blog hops, they are such a great way to discover new blogs and meet new blog friends! Follow the rules below, and “get to hoppin'”!

Welcome to week #4 of Hop till you Drop 🙂
Hope that you had a fabulous weekend and that you’re ready to meet some new friends!
Let’s get hoppin!
Meet your lovely co-hosts 🙂
If you’d like to co-host in the future please email me!
+Please follow your host and co-hosts and comment letting us know you did so we can follow you too!
+This is a hop so please take some time to visit at least 2 or 3 other links and follow them 🙂
I want you guys to connect and make some friends that you might not have found otherwise.
+If you feel like it please share the button below on your page so others can join in too!
My Beautiful Crazy Life

Hope you have a great time hopping!

Since the link-ups are obviously not here, please visit Breanna at My Beautiful, Crazy Life to link up until I get this sorted out! Thanks!

That’s all for meow!


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