In My Closet- Hunter Rainboots

Hey Cats!

I hope you are all staying warm out there! It snowed last night and this morning, and the University closed campus until 10 this morning- unfortunately my class is at 1:50. I guess I will just have to bundle up and brave the cold to go to Finance! If it’s still a little damp outside, I will definitely be wearing my Hunter wellies!

Today, I’m (finally) doing another “In My Closet” post, a series in which I share with you an article of clothing that I personally own that I feel is a staple in the wardrobe of a fashion-forward young woman. This time, I’m featuring my Hunter rainboots!

photo (59)

Now, I’m not saying you MUST have Hunter boots, because they’re definitely expensive, but a good pair of rain boots is definitely a must in your shoe closet, especially if you do a lot of walking! I got my boots for Christmas, and I am completely obsessed with them! They are extremely comfortable, and have a good, supportive sole, which is great since I’m usually walking long distances across campus when I wear them! I know that makes me sound like someone’s mom, but my old rain boots had a flat sole, and my feet hurt so bad when I wore them that I eventually stopped wearing them! They are also very warm- I actually prefer them to any of my other boots! I wear them when it’s not raining, and I’m not even sorry about it. I chose black because I wanted to be able to wear them with everything, and because I wanted them to be a classic I can wear forever. I love the polished look of these boots, and the outfits I have put together to wear with them.

Enough about my boots, here’s why you need a good pair of galoshes: First of all, there’s nothing worse than soaked socks on a rainy day. For those of you walking across college campuses or big cities, you should definitely invest in a pair! My campus literally floods when it rains, so they’re great for trudging through puddles and staying dry! While there are many patterned options, I love my solid pair. They go with everything, and I don’t have to worry about wearing too many patterns and colors and looking like I’m a five-year-old playing dress up. They’re also great for playing in the snow (I’m assuming this- I’m from Texas, it never snows.) and a variety of other outdoor adventures!

If you don’t already have a pair of wonderful wellies, I would definitely suggest you add them to your single girl closet- you never know when you’ll need them!

That’s all for meow!

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