100 Doses of Sweet Cats!

Hey Cats!

It’s a big day for Sweet Cats!- this is my 100th blog post! I have loved blogging for the past couple of years, and it’s been fun to watch how my blog has grown and changed. It started as a way to share the things I crafted for my dorm room, but has evolved into a collection of a myriad of my interests. Hopefully you guys love Sweet Cats! as much as I do!

Some of my favorite Sweet Cats! moments include getting to know other bloggers, watching my following grow substantially, partnering with Benevolent Jewels, and being featured on Marley Lilly’s blog, The Monogrammed Life.

Thanks to all of my readers for following along with me for the past couple of years- I really appreciate you! I’m looking forward to the next 100 posts and beyond.

Also, special thanks to my roommate Ashley for reading my blog, even though she usually reads blogs “of people she doesn’t like so she can make fun of them”. And thanks to my roommate Trina for always liking my posts on Facebook, and to my other roommate Kadie for reading along as well. (I hope you guys appreciate your requested shout-outs).

What would you, my readers, like to see in my next 100 posts? Let me know!

For more Sweet Cats!, follow along at:


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