Rainy Sunday

Hey Cats!

As I said yesterday, it’s been forever since I posted, and it’s been even longer since I’ve done an outfit post- I can’t even remember the last one! I wore this to church on Sunday, and I loved it so I had to share!

Also, funny story: I got dressed in the dark on Sunday. I woke up and the electricity was off in my room, but not my bathroom or anywhere else- puzzling. Luckily I could fix my hair and see to do my makeup, but I couldn’t really see exactly what my outfit looked like. Turns out it was just a flipped breaker, but it was a strange Sunday morning.

It was also chilly, and I could hear the wind howling with a vengeance, so I knew I still couldn’t wear one of my cute spring dresses. But I like this just as well!

image (61)

Once I knew it would be cold, I decided to wear my black skirt from Target (no longer available, but I like this option!) with tights one more time before warm weather is here to stay. I paired it with my trusty JCrew chambray and one of my favorite statement necklaces from Northgate Vintage (which is no longer available, but check out Benevolent Jewels for some super cute options- and use the promo code “KCODE20” for 20% off!) for a pop of spring color. While I was doing my makeup, I was thinking that I would rather die than wear heels, so I decided to see how my Hunter Boots looked, since it was raining, and I loved it! It’s casual and comfortable, but still appropriate.

photo (62)

What do you think about wellies with dressier ensembles? It’s definitely a risk, but with the right balance of casual and dressy, it can work out really well!

That’s all for meow!

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I’m linking up at Style Elixir this week!

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