DIY-Arm Knitted Infinity Scarf

Hey Cats!

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has had a great week! I wanted to share a project I completed over Spring Break- my arm-knitted infinity scarf! As you may or may not know, I enjoy other needle crafts such as knitting and crocheting (wow, that sentence makes me sound like I’m 80- I’m a normal 21-year old, promise!), and I’ve been very intrigued by arm-knitting.

Over Spring Break, my parents and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, and wandered into a cute little knitting shop downtown. I personally love “yarn boutiques”, because they are so cozy, have a unique selection of yarn, and there’s always a sweet lady who loves to talk about knitting. This one, of course, had all of those things, and while I loved the selection of fibers, I was enamored by the first project the sales lady showed me- the arm-knitted infinity scarf. She said you could just find a video on YouTube, and complete the project in 30 minutes to an hour- Sold! I chose a medium-brown natural wool and went on my merry way.

I found a link to a video on Pinterest, and completed the scarf as soon as I got home! However, it took me a couple of hours, only because I got my yarn tangled into a giant mess.

Arm-knitting is incredibly simple, you don’t need any knitting experience- just your arms!

Here’s what you’ll need:

photo (63)

-1 large skein of very chunky yarn. I used this 100% wool, but you could use anything you’d like

-Two arms

-One hour

Here’s what you do:

I found these great instructions-complete with a video from Simply Maggie on Pinterest. There are also PDF instructions you can download, if that’s what you prefer. I feel like I’m cheating sending y’all to a video, but I’m sure Maggie explains it much better than I could!

I simply followed her instructions, casting on 12 stitches and knitting until I was almost out of yarn. Then, instead of using a needle to sew the ends together, I used my fingers to weave the ends together, making sure not to pull too tight.

Here’s what mine looks like: (Also, I apologize for the selfies/weird yellow lighting. My roommates were sleeping so I had to improvise.) You can’t really see them, but I’m wearing my fave Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Ivory Pearl– a great, neutral compliment to this scarf!
image (63)


image (64)

A few tips:

-Even if your yarn is chunky, hold two strands together. I did, and mine still has fairly large holes!

-Untangle your yarn BEFORE you begin- this will save you lots of stress.

I am OBSESSED with this scarf. The color is a great neutral, it’s warm and fuzzy, and of course, since it’s an infinity scarf I can just throw it on and run out the door! My only complaint is that I waited until it was warm outside to make it!

I hope everyone has an excellent Thursday- the weekend is ALMOST here!

That’s all for meow!

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