On The Hunt: The Perfect Tote Bag

Hey Cats!

I’ve decided to skip Friday’s Five this week, partly because I didn’t do anything super interesting, and partly because I feel like the blog needs some variety. I’ve been doing a lot of link lists lately, and I feel like my content needs to be a bit more creative! Wish me luck!

I found out the hard way (through a parking ticket) that transportation services does indeed patrol the parking lot by my office, and unfortunately it’s too late for me switch out my parking pass. So I have to park in my usual lot and walk to the bus, which takes me to my building. It’s not ideal, but it’s just like walking to class so it’s nothing I’m not used to, and it will be good exercise! This means that if I want to wear heels to the office, like I’m planning on doing today, I’ll have to wear flats and change on the bus. I also carry my lunch, water bottle, and purse, which is quite a handful. So now I’m on the hunt for a cute tote bag to throw everything in!  Here are a few options I’m considering:

jon hart


I’ve always, always loved Jon Hart totes- they’re classic, durable, and personalized. I’m thinking about the Petite Left Bank in Black, Red, Burgundy, or Navy.



I’m also considering Vera Bradley’s Vera tote in Venetian Paisley, one of my newest favorite prints. I love this one because it’s roomy, washable, and fun!



This Barrington St. Anne tote combines what I love about the Jon Hart and Vera Bradley options- durable and personalized with a fun pattern. They also have Game Day totes in Aggie Maroon- bonus!

marley lilly tote

Marley Lilly’s Essential Tote is also a high contender. I love the monogram, obviously, and it’s very affordable! I’m thinking about a black bag with a gold circle block monogram.

There’s just so many options that I can’t decide! Which one would you pick and why? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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