Shop Smart- Tips on How to Get the Most for Your Money

Hey Cats!

As you know, the purpose of my blog is “Styling the Single-Girl Closet on the College-Girl Budget”. I often style the good deals I find in my outfit posts, but today I’d like to share some of tips and tricks on how I fill my Single-Girl Closet on my College-Girl Budget.

1. It will always go on sale- wait a while! If you find something that you love that’s full price, give it a few weeks. Unless it’s already pretty affordable, or you’re on a schedule. I always do this at Dillard’s (especially with shoes!), JCrew, and Target, and usually end up saving a lot!

2. Start with the sale racks first- If I’m shopping just “to shop” (not looking for anything specific), I’ll head to the racks with the “SALE” signs first. That way if I find something I like (which I usually do), it will be a good deal!

3. Sign up for emails from your favorite stores. I subscribe to emails from Old Navy and Loft, and they have saved me all kinds of money! Loft will notify their subscribers of every sale, especially one-day only deals! I’ve rushed to Loft multiple times because of their 24-hour dress pant sale. Old Navy will send out coupons, some to be used online, and some in stores.

4. Always ask! If something is advertised as on sale, but rings up higher than expected, ask the cashier about it! You don’t have to be rude, just say “I thought that was supposed to be 50% off?”. They’ll usually correct a mistake, or explain why it actually isn’t on sale. Also, if you aren’t sure about a coupon or special offer, ask! I recently had a coupon for Old Navy that I wasn’t sure if I could use on clearance items, so I asked the cashier and he cleared it up for me. It never hurts to ask!

5. Compare and Contrast. Sometimes, the things I love are way out of my price range, even when they go on sale. When this happens, I try and find a comparable item at a lower price. Also, shopping around before you buy is key to making sure you get the best deal!

6. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it. This seems obvious, but it’s one of the best ways to avoid wasting your money. In the words of Sandra Bullock as Leigh Ann Tuohy in the Blind Side,”If you don’t love it in the store, you won’t wear it. The store’s where you love it the most.” If you’re not sure that it looks good on, or if you’re not sure if you need it, don’t buy it! I’ve bought a few things that I’ve worn about twice, and I definitely regret it! Make sure that you only buy things you really love and will get a lot of use out of.

Just remember, it takes time to fill a Single-Girl Closet on a College-Girl Budget! These tips should make it a little easier, and hopefully a little more fun! Do you have any smart shopping tips? Let me know!

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