Fur-Ever Friends

Hey Cats,

I was planning to do a Friday’s Five today, but something unexpected happened. We had to put my cat, Zebra down last night, and I was pretty upset about it. I drove home from College Station yesterday, and was outside petting him when I noticed his tail was bleeding. I told my dad, and on further inspection we noticed he had a few wounds in his tail that were very infected. We took him to the emergency clinic, and they said that the tail needed to be amputated, but since he was so old, he probably wouldn’t make it through the surgery, so the best option was to put him down. It was a difficult decision, but we know that it was best for him- we could tell he was in a lot of pain, and my dad said he had been for a while. He had been with us for almost 20 years, so he’d had a good, long life. It’s definitely tough to lose him, but knowing that he’s no longer in pain is some consolation.

Zebra was a great kitty, and is the reason I love cats as much as I do. He was honestly one of the only animals I really liked, because he had a big personality. My family will miss him, but we will always remember all the adventures he brought us, like the time he climbed on the table and ate my birthday cake at my 2nd birthday party.

photo (81)


Thanks for being my fur-ever friend, Zeeb. You were a great guy.

That’s all for meow.

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