Friday’s Five

Hey Cats!

WOOHOO it’s the weekend. I’m so excited to not be travelling anywhere and being able to sleep in today! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some great adventures lately (and more coming up!), but sometimes it’s just nice to stay home and clean up your room that looks as if it’s been hit by an atomic bomb. Here’s what I’m loving this week:



Hosting my first ever giveaway from The Beautiful Fools! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do on the blog, so I’ve been really excited about it! Also, there’s still time to enter, so you should do that here. Immediately.


I received a package from eShakti this week that I’m looking forward to styling. Stay tuned!




This cat because it’s adorable and we all need a little more meow in our lives.

4.  Green smoothies. There’s not photo of this because I drank it all before I thought about it. But I got one this morning after I went to the gym and it was flawless.




The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts the 18th for those of us who aren’t card-holders (“commoners” as my friend Ashley called me). There’s not a Nordstrom in College Station, so obviously I’m going to Houston that weekend to see the same Ashley mentioned above and shop.

I’m linking up with Amy & Karli today for Oh Hey Friday!


That’s all for meow!

For more Sweet Cats!, follow along at:


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