Totes Perfect.

Hey Cats!

As I may have mentioned, I’m getting a taste of “big city life” this summer, in the sense that I have a long walk and a bus ride to get to work every morning. At first, I dreaded the trek, but now it’s just part of my everyday routine. The only problem was carrying all of my possessions- my lunch, heels, water bottle, and everything else. It took me a long time to decide which tote bag I wanted, but once I finally did, it changed my life. Well, my commute at least.

photo (85)


I chose the Essential Tote from Marley Lilly in navy with a gray monogram. It arrived about an hour before I left for the lake for July 4th, which was a good way to break it in! It’s a great size for a lake tote, which is a bonus since I bought it for work. Every day, I’ll fill it with my lunchbox, my heels (and flats after I change on the bus), my Camelbak, an umbrella if necessary, and as of late, my textbook, notebook, and pencil pouch so I can work on my class on the bus. There’s still room if I ever decide to pack extras, such as gym clothes and shoes, which is a plus.

It’s also incredibly durable. I’ve already spilled water in it (oops), and since it’s lined with plastic, I just wiped it right out! Also I got caught in a torrential downpour on Tuesday that left me completely soaked (still mad), and it held up very well- everything inside was dry, and it didn’t have water stains or become misshapen.

I’m really happy with my tote- not only does it do its job well, but it’s also adorable! If you’re looking for a practical yet personalized tote, head over to Marley Lilly and check out the Essential Tote and more!

That’s all for meow!

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