Friday’s Five

Hey Cats!

Happy Friday! I’m so excited that I finally have time to blog this week. It’s been busy, but I think I’m adjusting to my new schedule. I also had a shift in my work schedule so I got to sleep in until 9:15 yesterday, which was simply magical. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

1. Another Royal baby is on the way! 



AN HEIR AND A SPARE! Kensington has announced that Kate is indeed pregnant with the second royal baby. As we know, I love Kate, and I’m always happy to have a legitimate reason to be obsessed.

2. 15 Signs You’re the Taylor Swift of your Friend Group



As happens once per week, I found a Buzzfeed article that perfectly describes my life. Except the one about always dating a boy. But even when I don’t date them, they still turn out to be jerks. But the rest of them are spot on, so I guess I’m the T-Swift of my friends. I mean, I never miss a beat & I’m lightning on my feet, so it’s casual.

3. Aggie Football

kyle-fieldAggie football is back in action, and I’m so excited! Last week’s game was a little frustrating, because there was a 2-hour weather delay (it never rained), and so I ended up leaving with my sister and brother-in-law at half time…sars. But this week the Aggies play Rice, which is extra special because my dad played football there! He’s SO excited, because we rarely play each other, and it’s fun to have a little rivalry going!

4. Coffee sugar cookies


I came across this recipe for Coffee Sugar Cookies on Pinterest, and I’m dying to give them a try. It’s two of my favorite things in one!

5. Sassy School Supplies

photo (93)

This sassy pencil pouch and motivating Kate Spade agenda (I chose the Large in Green Painterly Cheetah) are sometimes the only reason I do my homework. I also like to flash them around when I’m in class so everyone around me knows that they’re in the presence of the Queen of Sass.

That’s all for meow!

I’m linking up with Amy & Karli today for Oh Hey Friday!


Have a great weekend! That’s all for meow!

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