Julep’s Transition to Fall

Hey Cats!

Happy Tuesday! I am so happy to have the day off of work- even if it is to study for my tests this week. But I plan to stay in my pajamas until I have to go to class (and maybe even when I go to class…jokes, I’ll put on yoga pants) and enjoy some rare time at home.

I was recently contacted  by Julep to create a fall transition outfit inspired by their new fall shades, and was so excited to participate! If there’s two things I love, it’s color-coordination and nail polish. The color that immediately caught my eye was Claudette, a rich, oxblood color. I thought it would pair perfectly with my maroon pants and a neutral sweater to ease into fall! I added riding boots because I spend March-October staring longingly at mine that are tucked away on the top shelf of my closet, and I’m always dying to wear them!  Also, after I finished putting this look together, I came across Roc Solid, a creamy forest green that would look great with these pants!

Julep Fall Transition


If you’re looking for some new nail polish this fall (and let’s be honest, we are always looking for new nail polish), head over to Julep for some haute hues that are sure to bring some fun to your fingers!
That’s all for meow!

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