{Fall}-ing for Monograms- Collaboration with Marley Lilly

Hey Cats!

Yay for Thursday and yay for being finished with my test and final paper! I actually just submitted my paper- I finished in the wee hours of the morn, per usual, and I always like to read it over a few times after I’ve gotten a little rest, just to make sure it’s ready to go! I actually didn’t do that the first time I submitted a paper for this course, and just sent it off at 2 a.m., and ended up with an awful typo- a percent sign in the middle of a word. Luckily my professor overlooked that mistake, but now I feel like I have to turn in work that says, “Yes, hi, I am actually a competent student and am capable of producing senior-level, liberal arts-major quality essays”. But I digress.

As with the majority of southern college-aged girls, monograms are a recent obsession I have been treating myself to on the regular (maybe too frequently, but it’s casual. It’s fine.). There’s something very personal about a monogram: it tells people who you are in the simplest of ways, and I love adding that traditional touch to my accessories. In fact, I recently told my sister that “if it’s not black, leopard, or emblazoned with my monogram, I’m not really interested”. So there’s that.

Marley Lilly, the monogram Mecca, recently sent me a few treats that fit perfectly in my fall wardrobe! I was beside myself when I got the package, and have had so much fun wearing my new monograms lately!

image (89)

I received the Scalloped Luxe Clutch, which I have had my eye on for quite a while (now available in gold and beyond perfect for the holidays), and the Monogrammed Tassel Bracelet, which is a great addition to my stacked wrist.

I wore this outfit to brunch and shopping last weekend with my parents when they were in town for Songfest, and I decided it was my favorite casual fall ensemble (so far). It’s casual and comfortable without being sloppy!

photo 1 (1)

Flannels are another one of my fall faves- they’re so warm and cozy, and can be dressed up (like this) or thrown over a t-shirt and leggings to go to class. True story: all of my flannels are from the men’s section of JcPenney. They’re always on sale and fit a little large, which is how I like them! Also my dad thinks the flannel trend is really awesome, and so he has been known to surprise me with flannels occasionally, which is adorable. I paired it with my puffy vest, jeans, and riding boots, and added the clutch and bracelet to complete the look!

photo 2

I will definitely be wearing both the bracelet and clutch throughout the season and beyond! If you’re looking for the perfect monogrammed addition to your favorite fall outfit, head over to Marley Lilly for plenty of options!

That’s all for meow!

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*I was provided free samples from Marley Lilly to review, however all opinions are my own!

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