Monday’s Musings

Hey Cats!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I woke up feeling sicky on Friday, so the majority of my weekend was spent lounging in my cat onesie and drinking tea. Which, aside from the painful coughing, was a wonderful way to spend three freezing days. However, I’m hoping that today I will be feeling well enough to leave my house, and maybe even go to the gym for the first time in almost three weeks (LOL I’m scared). We’ll see about that.

This is one of my favorite Bible verses, and I recently came across it while reading my Bible the other night, so I thought I would share! (also I did not take this picture, I found it on Pinterest).



Sometimes we don’t get what we want and we don’t really understand why not. And sometimes it’s hard to understand why we have to go through difficult times in life. But, God promises that He will work things together for our benefit, and that we will see His goodness in our lives. This is something that I often have to remind myself of, but I know that He is faithful, and that I will be pleasantly surprised by the path He is leading me down.

That’s all for meow!


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