Monday’s Musings

Hey Cats!

Happy Monday! I’ll be at the dentist this morning having a little work done-wooohooo. I’m actually really okay with it, they’ll be removing the two the silver crowns I’ve had on my teeth since I was about six and replacing them with permanent ones. I’ve been self-conscious about them for a long time- I don’t really think anyone can see them, but I still don’t like them and I’ve always had this irrational fear that they would catch the flash while someone was taking a picture and my face would be a glowing orb. Silly, I know, but I’m really excited to have teeth that aren’t shiny. That being said, I should post tomorrow, but if not, just know that the pain/drugs have gotten the best of me, and I should be back on Wednesday.

I went to lunch with my bestie Kinsey the other day as a last hoorah before we both go back to school, and after we ate we wandered into a new coffee shop downtown. We sipped chai tea lattes and talked about life, because we are #Tylerchic. We talked about school, jobs, friends, boys, her upcoming move to Dallas, why we’ve made some of the decisions we’ve made lately, and how much our perspectives on all of those things have changed in our 3.5 years of college. One thing we kept coming back to is how we’re so glad we haven’t settled for less than what we really want, and that even though it’s hard to have to wait for the best, it’s definitely worth it. This conversation reminded me of a perfect quote I found on Pinterest a while back:


I feel like the saying “don’t settle” can be super cliche, but I also believe that settling for less than what God has for you is the easiest and most common way to really mess things up. I’m not saying you should have unrealistic expectations, but a lot of the time, “good enough” isn’t good enough. Whether it’s not accepting mediocre grades because you know you can work harder, not dating that boy that pays you a lot of attention because you’ve talked to God about it and He said no (um hi SO HARD I KNOW), or not applying for a “good” job because the job description sounds seriously awful, if you feel in your gut like it’s a bad idea, just don’t.Sometimes it’s really hard, because a less-than-stellar option can be easy, and it’s easy to talk yourself into thinking that it will be fine, and you’ll learn to love it, and you’re just ready to get the show on the road.

But it’s like shopping for a pair of boots. You wouldn’t just walk into the store, pick up the first pair that caught your eye and waltz up to the cash register, would you? No. You’ll recognize that this is an investment, and a decision you’re going to have to live with for a while. You have a picture in your mind of what you want- black, quilted boots that you can wear to both work and school, with your sweater dresses and jeans, and preferably not too mom-ish. You may have to go to a few different stores and try on a few different pairs, and you’ll probably get a little frustrated. And you might seriously consider a few sub-par options, But then you’ll decide that this pair looks cheap, this pair is cute but not quilted and that’s what you REALLY wanted, and that this pair isn’t super comfortable. Then, you find them. They’re the perfect heel height, they don’t have too much hardware, and they’re not too trendy, so you know you’ll love them forever. They’re exactly what you had in mind, and you are beside yourself. Every once in a while when you wear them,  you’ll think to yourself, “I love these boots. I’m so glad I waited to find the perfect pair”.

That’s why it’s important to not settle. For shoes, for a job, for a boy, or for anything. Because it’s hard to wait, but it’s harder to come across what you really wanted when it’s too late. Don’t be that girl that settles- be that girl that has faith in God’s timing and plans. Abundant life is a promise, but it can’t be rushed.

That’s all for meow!

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