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Hey Cats!

My name is Kristen, and I think I really like sports. Like a lot. This is somewhat of a recent development, and I’m really surprised by it. I even told my mom that I might want to work for a professional sports team, so it’s getting pretty serious. I mean, I’ve always liked football- I’m from Texas and my dad was a coach, so most of my fall Friday nights since birth were spent at football games. And I started to like basketball in high school, when I would cheer at the games. But besides Aggie football games, sporting events are never something I’ve just been dying to go to, until now. I’ve had multiple weekends this semester where I would go to a baseball game and a basketball game, and I even went to two on the same day. Stop. Part of me thinks that it’s because I’m trying to soak up the last bits of my Aggieland experience (true), but I also think I’m developing more diverse interests, which is always a good thing. So now let’s talk about my main interest: clothes.

Just because I’m gaining a sporty side doesn’t mean my wardrobe is going to suffer. I still like to piece together a spirited yet polished look for games- something that says, “I appreciate a good dunk, but I’m still going to talk to my friends when I get bored”. Obviously.


It was still a little chilly at the last basketball game I went to, so I wore my favorite cream sweater from JCPenney, which I have seriously worn the crap out of this winter. I realized I kept wearing the same thing when it showed up in three of my Instagram posts. In a row. Oops. I added a maroon pashmina (similar) and my monogrammed clutch from Benevolent Jewels (20% off with coupon KCODE20!) for a chic touch of my school colors. I threw on my versatile brown Gianni Bini booties, and then capped it all off with my Aggie baseball cap (similar). I like the casual vibe it adds to the outfit, plus my hair was icky that day so everyone wins.


So let’s talk about this clutch a little bit more. I bought this during football season, because that’s when the outfits really matter, and it has proved a great investment to my gameday wardrobe. You can fit your keys, your phone, and your ticket inside and it’s perfect for a day of tailgating/watching the game! Plus it has a chain so you can wear it as a crossbody, which I usually do. There are a rainbow of both clutches and thread colors, so whether you’re a Baylor Bear, a Carolina Tar Heel, an Ole Miss Rebel or anything in-between, they’ve got you covered! It’s the perfect fashionable and functional addition to any sporting event ensemble.

This week is just getting started, but it’s looking to be a busy one- mainly because I stopped doing homework the Wednesday before Spring Break and now I have to catch up. #SeniorYear. With that being said, I will be goin’ up on this Tuesday-up to my hole, reading Marketing and blogging on my breaks.

That’s all for meow!

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