Poolside Style- My Favorite Cover-Ups

Hey Cats!

One of my favorite things about moving to a new town is exploring and finding new favorites. Favorite stores, favorite routes to work, and most importantly, favorite restaurants. I’ve found a few, but one thing I haven’t found is a new favorite place to get tacos. (MISS YOU, FUEGO. And Rosa’s. And Torchy’s. and the rest of the College Station taco scene. Ugh, it was so good). If you know me, you know that tacos make my world go round, and I typically can’t go a week without having one. But I’ve gone two, (almost three), and I’m DYING. There is a Taco Cabana right across from my apartment, but Taco Cabana is only for desperate times. Which it appears we are nearing. So this weekend, I’ve decided that I’m going to start my search for my new favorite taco stand. Because that’s what you do when you live by yourself and don’t have friends yet.

So now that we’ve talked about food, let’s talk about swimsuits. I usually buy a new swimsuit each summer depending on what’s new and trending that year. However, I have been looking for months and still haven’t found one that I love. So I’ve decided that this year, instead of a new suit, I will invest in a cute cover-up instead! I’m really loving both the caftan and kimono styles this year. They’re breezy, cover everything, and there’s so many options! I’ve gathered up a few options to share with you all:

collage pt. 1

This Lace Mesh caftan from Target is a great, affordable option, and since it’s white, it will coordinate with almost any swim suit. I also love the lace pattern, it’s classic and feminine. The second option is definitely a splurge, but this Lilly Pulitzer Avette Caftan is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pattern, the shape, and of course the tassels. This would be great walking to and from the beach, or you could even wear it to a pool party. (Are pool parties still a thing? I hope so.)

collage pt. 3

The bright color combination of this Poolside Pretty Please coverup from Sideline Sass is perfect for a day at the beach! I also love how the tassel trim outlines the entire shape of the dress. The last option is from SheInside, and has a super bohemian vibe that I really like. This would be great for an afternoon of laying out with friends!

Which one is your favorite? Choose it, buy it, and then go to Sonic happy hour to get a cherry limeade and stay at the pool all day.

That’s all for meow!

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