Friday’s Five

Hey Cats!

Yay for Friday! I’m super excited for this weekend, because I get to see my sister and the rest of my family! I only got to see my sister a couple of times the week I was at home before I moved, so I can’t wait to see her and show her my new apartment! She and her husband have a wedding in Houston, so I will see them before, and then I’m riding with them to my dad’s side of the family’s family reunion, where I will see my parents!

It’s been a great first full week of work! Here’s what else I’ve been loving this week:

1. The Pioneer Woman’s Crunchy French Toast


Well, she’s done it again. Ree Drummond, my culinary hero and fellow Aggie basketball lover posted a picture of this DIVINE-looking French Toast on her Instagram page last week, and I had to know what made it crunchy. GUYS. She breaded her French Toast in Panko bread crumbs and then cooked it in butter. I’m dead. I need it. I don’t know when I’ll use the rest of a loaf of bread, but I have to try it. Maybe Saturday morning? Yes.

2. Monogrammed Wrapping Paper


Just when I thought we had run out of objects to monogram, they found another one. This monogrammed gift wrap from Ann Page is the only way I will accept gifts from this day forward. Just kidding, I accept gifts in any form. Always. But really, how adorable is this? Just so Southern. Except I do have one question…do you get it with your monogram, or the monogram of the person you’re giving the gift to? If you have any clarification, please share.

3. JCrew Chino Shorts


Since it’s warm now, I will inevitably buy a new color of JCrew chino shorts. They’re just the best, and they’re always such a good deal during the summer! This year, I have my eye on this vibrant flame pair. How cute would these be with a white eyelet tank? Too cute.

4. What’s Gaby Cooking Instagram


One of my favorite ways to waste time is by scrolling through the Discover page of Instagram. Mine is typically filled with pictures of food, and I’m not even sorry about it, because this has led to my discovery of multiple delicious Instagram accounts, and blogs too! My latest unearthed treasure? What’s Gaby Cooking. Just look at those delicious burgers, fresh produce, and yummy desserts! She also has a pretty cool blog where she tells you how to make all of these treats. Check it out!

5. Weekend Inspiration


Eat more tacos. Duh.

I hope you all have a great weekend! That’s all for meow!

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