DIY-Collage Frame Update

Hey Cats!

About .03 seconds after I signed my lease for my big-girl apartment, I started to think about how I was going to decorate each room. Mostly, I was considering how I would re-use what I already had, partly because I liked it all, but mostly because I didn’t have enough money to completely re-furnish an entire apartment. I was able to use most of my furniture as it was and then (have my dad) re-paint the rest of it, so all I had to buy was a couch! I also had a lot of art to hang on my walls that I had collected over the years, and it all fit pretty well into my color scheme. However, I had this collage frame that I bought for my dorm that I had glued buttons onto to “customize” it when I was in my hot glue phase (everyone has one). As a matter of fact, that was one of my first blog posts on Sweet Cats! (please read it, I love it). As wonderful as that was for my college room, I had definitely outgrown the buttons. So I peeled them off and spray painted it! Which, by the way, was not an easy task. Getting the buttons off, I mean. I had to use a butter knife, a flathead screw driver, and finally my dad’s pocket knife. Crafting can be dangerous.

I would make this a tutorial, but I presume you all know how to spray paint, so I’ll just show you how it turned out!



1. Sorry for the glare and 2. If you’re my friend and pictured in this collection of best moments from senior year, I hope it’s okay I posted you without consent. Just a few coats of gold spray paint and this frame was taken from girlish to glamorous! Also, I need to address the giant blemish near the top. One button didn’t really want to come off, and so it left a tiny hole. It’s just the angle in this photo that makes it so obvious, but when you look at it in real life it’s not as visible! I’m so glad I got to re-use this frame, because it has so many spaces for photos of my friends, which is something I love to have in my house. I also think it’s cool that I’ve been able to use it throughout college and now after! This just goes to show that if you’re on a tight decorating budget, tweaking the things you already have can make a big difference!

That’s all for meow!

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