Monday’s Musings

Hey Cats!

Happy Monday! Last week was beyond busy- I had plans every night, and barely had time to be at my apartment, let alone blog! I got to spend a lot of time with friends, both new and old, which was awesome, but by the time the weekend rolled around, I was absolutely exhausted. I slept from 9:30 Friday night until 11:15 Saturday morning, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Part of the reason I was so exhausted was because I went to the Outcry concert in downtown Houston on Thursday night! It was an awesome night of worship with Kari Jobe, Bethel, the Passion band, Hillsong, and a few more bands that I can’t really remember. I went with some of the girls who were in my Bible study back in College Station. We had been planning this since March or April, and I was excited not only for the concert, but to see them as well! They’re some of my besties, and I’ve missed them a lot these past couple of months! We had a great time catching up and worshiping together, and we even got to see our Bible study leaders!

Hillsong is one of my favorite worship bands, and it was beyond awesome to see them in real life! I know most of their older songs, but they also sang a few of their new songs that I hadn’t heard before. One song in particular caught my attention. It was called Touch the Sky and I just absolutely loved it. It talks about the abundant life we have when we choose to give our lives over to Jesus completely.


I will be completely honest: I have a hard time turning to God when I’m wanting to touch the sky, or accomplish things. I like to think that Kristen can do everything all by herself. But the truth is that I absolutely cannot. These words made me realize that the only way I will be able to reach heights is by being humble and asking God to guide me, direct me, and teach me, and actually listen to Him. And even if I do not accomplish my goals, I am able to touch the sky simply by being able to talk to, praise, and serve Jesus who loves me so much and chose me to be His.

I know this was a little different from the usual, but I definitely felt like this was something I needed to share. Thanks for reading!


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