101 in 1001

Hey Cats!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope your evening is filled with lots of glitter and delicious snacks- that’s my favorite part of this holiday. Actually, that’s my favorite part of every day. I don’t have big plans, but that is okay with me! I’ll probably watch the Aggies BTHO Duke in the Chick Fil A Bowl and hang out with my bestie!

Of course, when everyone thinks of the New Year, they think of New Year’s Resolutions. They also think that they will be broken in about a week, and they’re usually correct. I’m not very good with resolutions myself, I usually lose focus or get bored, convince myself it’s not very important, and end up giving up after about a few days. This year however, I’ve decided to take a different approach. I was inspired by Zelle from A Southern Style to do 101 in 1001: a list of 101 goals/challenges to be completed in 1,001 days!

I like this approach because it seems more feasible since it’s long-term. Also, I like that there are specific goals rather than vague ones- I think it’s easier to take big projects one step at a time! I’ll share my list with you here, and I’ve made a tab at the top of the page to update every now and then! I hope you’ll consider doing this as we start the new year!

My 1001 days started December 27, 2013, and will end September 23, 2016.(I will have been out of college for over a year…TERRIFYING) I included some guaranteed goals such as getting my Aggie ring and graduating, but some are a bit loftier, such as financial goals. However, I hope that this list as a whole will help me to achieve things I want (and need!) to achieve, and help me grow in numerous aspects.

Here’s my list:

1. Get a 4.0 (one semester)

2. Go to New York

3. Read the entire Bible

4. Get a job

5. Get a real job OR get into law school

6. Buy Tory Burch flats

7. Provide a meal for someone in need

8. Publish something

9. Travel somewhere new

10. Make 15 new Pinterest recipes

11. Get 1,000 blog followers

12. Get a sponsor for my blog

13. Host a fundraiser for a nonprofit

14. Graduate from Texas A&M

15. Get a kitten

16. Go to the gym regularly for two months.

17. Make a donation to Texas A&M

18. Tithe regularly

19. Live off the 10-10-80 plan

20. Get my own apartment where I pay my rent.

21. Buy something really nice for my parents

22. Host a dinner party

23. Finish decorating my school apartment

24. Make dinner for Todd & Kate

25. Crochet an afghan

26. Clean my parent’s entire house for them

27. Buy a suit

28. Blog every day for a month (minus weekends)

29. Clean out my makeup bag 12/30/2013

30. Buy a KitchenAid mixer

31. Deep clean my room at home

32. Read “Love Does” by Bob Goff

33. Give “The Case for Christ” to someone who could use it.

34. Go 24 hours without complaining.

35. Once I have a job, go 1 month without buying something unnecessary for myself, and save the money instead.

36. Go on a trip with Kinsey

37. Audition for a theatrical production

38. Start & keep up with a prayer journal

39. Start & keep up with a “Line a day” calendar for 1 year

40. Get a plant & not kill it

41. Print off my favorite pictures to display

42. Clean out my jewelry/clothes/shoes collection

43. Read 20 books

44. Turn my blog into a personal brand

45. Save $1 for every goal completed

46. Make my t-shirt quilt with high school tees

47. Stay off social media for one week straight

48. Go paleo for 1 month

49. Join at least 1 pre-professional organization.

50. Finish this list 12/29/2013

51. Learn to prepare vegetables in a way I actually like

52. Learn a lifetime fitness activity

53. Get my Starbucks Gold Card (and maintain it)

54. Get a career-boosting internship

55. Tell someone about Jesus

56. Make a new friend in every new class

57. Go to Washington, D.C. again

58. Volunteer at Children’s Medical Center

59. Learn more about my heart defect

60. Give a speech in public

61. Grow my hair long enough to donate

62. Memorize a Bible verse a week for a year

63. Interview/apply for a job in another state

64. Get a “big-girl” purse

65. Bring a real, live boy to at least one date function per semester

66. Hold a successful conversation in Spanish

67. Rip reindeer antlers off a random vehicle

68. Leave an interview actually feeling confident

69. Be able to intelligently discuss current events

70. Take the LSAT

71. Save & maintain at least $500 in my savings account

72. Get my Aggie ring

73. Go to an away Aggie football game

74. Make a plastic bag basket

75. Make  a “Pinterest Successes” board on Pinterest

76. Write at least 1 teacher per semester a thank-you note

77. Invest in 2 more good cookbooks

78. Use my crockpot once a month (while at school)

79. Introduce myself to each one of my professors

80. Buy new music for iTunes

81. Take the Floral Design class (for fun)

82. Organize my craft box so it’s not such a mess

83. Clean out my bookshelf

84. Try 3 new College Station restaurants

85. Participate in a philanthropy 5k (GlOW, Kappa Kolor)

86. Find maroon jeans that fit

87. Keep my part of the fridge clean

88. Be done with Candy Crush (either get tired of it or finish it)

89. Make a fancy brunch every finals week for my roommates/friends.

90. Give the best MOH speech of all time at my sister’s wedding

91. Bake something once a month

92. Conquer my fear of dogs

93. Find a new devotional book

94. Have more roommate dinners

95. Knit a scarf

96. Determine what my passions are

97. Paint something for inside my closet

98. Find someone who will go two-stepping with me

99. Learn to command respect rather than just attention.

100. Write down all the recipes I come up with myself

101. Reflect on how these challenges & goals have made me grow as a person over the past 1001 days.

There you go! Hopefully I can accomplish all of this in 2.75 years! I’ll try to keep the page updated so you can see how I’m doing! Who wants to give this a try with me?

Hoping you had a wonderful 2013 and looking forward to a fantastic 2014, that’s all for meow!

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