Queen Bee

Hey Cats!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week!  I would say that it’s because of my online class, but it’s actually because I stayed out late on Monday and I’ve been super tired…I’m such a grandma. But I plan to get back on track!

One of my favorite parts of my townhome is my bathroom-it’s actually the reason I chose my room! That sounds really weird, but I just love it. There’s copious amounts of counterspace, a large linen closet for all of my unnecessary toiletries I can’t live without, and there’s a walk-in closet. So obviously, I had to have it. It’s actually been my favorite room to decorate, (I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect painting for inside my closet) and today I’m going to share my jewelry tray that I keep on my counter.

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So it’s maybe not the most organized system (and this is after I cleaned it up a bit), but I love having my everyday jewelry on display.(Also, this isn’t even close to all of my jewelry- I store the rest in a dresser drawer, but it’s kind of a mess.)  I’m obsessed with this Sarah Hansen Annapolis Queen Bee tray. It just really speaks to me on a personal level, since I like to think I’m the Queen Bee. Before I got the tray, I had everything on a glitter plate I crafted, but it was too small. I love the size of this tray, and that it keeps everything in its place while also making a statement itself.

The jewelry tree was my grandmother’s, which makes it extra special. I’ve had it for years, but never quite used it to its full potential until this year! I like the different levels, it makes storing both necklaces and bracelets easy. You could probably find one similar to mine at an antique store, or there’s this interesting piece from Anthropologie, and this one from ModCloth.

Keeping with the royalty theme, I have a little ceramic crown that I use as a catchall for my rings, studs, hairties, and bobby pins. I like it because it allows me to keep even more things out on my counter without looking like too much of a mess. I love this Giraffe Dish and this (mildly creepy but still cute) “Lend Me a Hand” ring holder.

I also keep my Aggie ring box here, so I can tuck my little piece of gold away safely each night, and my many lipsticks, perfumes, and current nail color. I love it when storage can double as decoration, and that’s exactly what this tray does! It’s a great way to keep my everyday baubles at my fingers while adding some character to my bathroom.

Also, have you entered the giveaway for a pair of earrings from The Beautiful Fools? DO IT, and you can put them on your jewelry tray!

That’s all for meow!

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