Hey Cats!

Happy Weekend! I’m off of work today, it’s payday (I think), and I get to see my sea-star tomorrow- it’s a great day.

I’ve never been very big on vegetables. As a child, I was forced to stay at the dinner table long after the rest of my family to finish an appropriate amount of peas or green beans- quite the dramatic scene I can assure you. When I went to college and started cooking for myself, I would microwave a small bowl of frozen green peas or frozen corn with every meal, so I could tell my mom that I was eating vegetables. However, I’ve recently discovered a new way to prepare vegetables that’s quite delicious- roasting them!

I’ve done this with brussels sprouts (my personal favorite), asparagus, and corn. Here’s my recipe for each:

Brussels Sprouts:

1. Halve or quarter brussels sprouts, depending on the size, and place on a baking sheet.

2. Drizzle with 1 tbsp olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Stir to coat.

3. Roast in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes.



1. Wash asparagus and trim off the ends. Line the stalks up on a baking sheet.

2. Drizzle with 1 tbsp olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Toss to coat.

3. Roast in a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes, turning halfway through.



1. Spread frozen corn evenly on a baking sheet.

2. Drizzle with 1 tbsp olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Stir to coat.

3. Broil at 500 degrees for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Keep an eye on this- I set the smoke alarm off in my house the first time I made it!


I love roasting vegetables because it’s a delicious flavor and it’s SO easy. I’ll usually stick both the veggies and whatever chicken I’m also cooking in the oven at the same time, and it’s a real time-saver. Lately, I’ve been throwing a handful of cherry tomatoes on the pan as well and letting the skin break and roast- so good. If you’re looking for a quick way to prepare your vegetables, or if you’re not the biggest herbivore like myself, you should definitely try roasted veggies. Your mother will be so pleased that you’ve finally learned to eat your greens- at least mine is!

That’s all for meow!

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Simply Delicious Salmon + Asparagus

Hey Cats!

The past couple of weeks have been super busy. Between school, meetings, Aggie football, and other weekend shenanigans, I’ve been neglecting Sweet Cats! a bit…sorry! I have so many ideas, but so little time to blog!

One of the things that has been eating my time is cooking dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking for myself, but it can definitely be a challenge to not only come up with meals for just one person, but to also come up with recipes using what I have on hand! One of my current favorite meals is salmon. I recently came across a package of frozen salmon with 4 pieces for $10- a steal when it comes to salmon! I snatched it up, excited to see how many different recipes I could try.

Tonight, I made a very simple recipe from my culinary hero, Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman. You can find her recipe here, but I altered it a bit, so I’ll go ahead and share what I did.

You will need:

-1 serving of salmon (about 4 oz), thawed

-2 tbsp olive oil

-sea salt

-ground pepper

-dill weed

Here’s what you do:

First, brush 1 tbsp of olive oil onto one side of the salmon. Sprinkle liberally with salt, black pepper, and dill weed.

-Flip it over and repeat on the other side

-Place the pan in a cold oven, and then turn to 400 degrees.

-Cook for 25 minutes, or until salmon is flaky and opaque.

That’s it! It doesn’t get any more simple than that, ladies and gents. I really like this, because it is so simple. The salt and pepper give it a bit of flavor without overpowering the salmon itself, and the dill adds a little variety. SO. GOOD.

photo (50)

I paired mine with rice and blanched asparagus. This has become my new go-to meal, and it makes me feel like I’m really healthy when I eat this. I didn’t really like asparagus, until I tried it blanched- I tried doing a cleanse where you ate salmon and blanched asparagus once, and that’s when I discovered this lovely combination (without the rice, obviously). And no, I did not finish the cleanse. I lasted about 16 hours and then I was dramatically hungry. Anyways, here’s how you blanch asparagus:

You will need:

-Fresh asparagus spears, ends snapped off


Here’s what you do:

-Bring a giant pot of water to a boil. It doesn’t matter how much, as long as all your spears will fit inside and be completely submerged.

-Once boiling, drop in your asparagus and let boil for 2-3 minutes.

-Remove asparagus from boiling water and immediately transfer to a bowl filled with ice water. This will cool the asparagus while preserving its bright green color.

I serve mine with a “dipping sauce” of Greek yogurt mixed with brown mustard, and I eat it with my fingers. Julia Child says this is perfectly acceptable.

So there you have it- a very simple and very healthy weeknight meal!

That’s all for meow!