Friday’s Few

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Hey Cats!

Happy Friday- we made it! After a busy week, I’m so ready for the weekend. Tonight and most of tomorrow, I will be volunteering with the Junior League at an event that gives Houston-area high school girls an incredible experience of finding a prom dress and accessories, along with self-esteem classes that empower them to be confident young women, all for free! I’m so excited! Also on Saturday night, my bestie Robyn is staying with me after her career fair, and it will be great to see her! Anyways, it’s been a jam-packed week, so here’s what I’m loving:

  1. Cat Clutch from ASOS

cat clutch

GUYSSSSSS. I need this. I saw it on Pinterest and lost my mind. I mean, can you imagine the conversation starters with this? “Cat’s out of the bag!” “Cat got your tongue?”. I’m sorry, this bag is just the cat’s meow. I’m sorry again. If I keep making cat jokes you may have to kick meowt. DONE I PROMISE. But really, how adorable is this straw clutch? It would be so cute for a night out, or for a trip to the beach! I need it. Right meow, not kitten.

2. Brussels Sprouts Pizza


It happened. I found someone more obsessed with Brussels Sprouts than I am. This woman put them on a pizza. And it’s genius. I had to try this for myself this past weekend, and it was just the best. The sprouts with the onions and the creamy ricotta…ugh I loved it. Try this Brussels Sprouts and Ricotta Pizza from Recipe Runner if you’re brave enough! You will not regret it.

3. Jacks & JL

JL Jacks

Two of my favorite things combined! Jack Rogers has created a special pair of sandals for the Junior League, with 10% of the proceeds being donated back to the Association of Junior Leagues International to help women continue to make a difference in their communities. How great is that? Thanks Jack! P.S., a pair of Jacks are on my shopping list for this summer. If I don’t get these, I’m thinking about getting them in bone, cork, or Caribbean blue!

4. Taste of Streep

FullSizeRender (3)

Who does not love Miranda Priestly Meryl Streep? I stumbled upon this incredible Instagram account while creeping hard. No shame. You should follow it, because it consistently makes my day.

5. Bethenny is Back

bethenny-gif 2I forgot that the new season of RHONY premiered on Wednesday night until I turned my TV on. YAAS. Bethenny is back, and she knows it all.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! That’s all for meow!


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