Monday’s Musings



Hey Cats!

It’s Monday again! I hope everyone had a good weekend- I know I did! I had a pretty quiet Friday night, due to the flash flood that hit College Station right as my roommate and I were driving home from dinner. That gave me the perfect excuse to break out the yoga pants and long-sleeved tee and curl up with with a cup of tea and a few articles on family & health communication and media audiences. Yes, I did homework on Friday night, but it had to be done. Then on Saturday morning, I slept in and went shopping with my roommates before my parents came into town for the Rice game. It was a pretty good game, but it was a super late night! On Sunday we went to church, and my parents took me grocery shopping, which is always my favorite.

This week I decided to change the tune of Monday’s Musings. I feel like my last few have been more on the serious side, so I decided to have some fun. I came across this graphic on Pinterest, and I’m obsessed.


workin' for a birkin


First of all, I like this a lot better than Twerkin’ For a Birkin, because I would never be caught dead twerking, even for a Birkin. Although a Birkin isn’t quite on my Prioritized Purchase List (yes, that’s a real thing that I have), the sentiment is the same. As of right now, I only have Tory Burch Reva flats on that list, because I recently purchased the other items (Kendra Scott earrings & a “big girl” purse), but I’m sure I can find something to add to it. The point is, I love working because (among many other reasons) it allows me to invest in the things I want. It also makes me feel like a grown-up to know that I’m working for the things I want, which makes them much more of a treat- and much larger of a decision! Hopefully one day I’ll be workin’ for a Birkin, but for now I’ll just stick to things within my college-girl budget.

That’s all for meow!

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