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Hey Cats!

I’m back! It’s been about 3 months since I’ve blogged. What? I just got so busy with work and life that Sweet Cats! was pushed past the back burner and basically off the stove altogether. It made me sad, and I’ve been dying to get back to blogging, but I just haven’t had the time. Until now, when I got sicky and had to stay home for a few days! I’m not promising regular posts right now, but maybe a few!

It has been way longer than I thought since I last did an Instagram Round-Up…the last one was in July! Yikes! So some of these may be a little (okay a lot) out of season (looking at you, monogrammed bathing suit), but whatever. Just put it on your list for the summer, it’s never too early for that! Don’t forget to follow along on the Blogstagram (@sweetcatsblog) to see my most recent posts!


I’m obsessed with this JCrew Factory skirt! It was great during the summer with my white swiss dot tank, and will be great in the fall with tights and riding boots! Here, I paired it with my JCrew Factory chambray, watch, Marley Lilly tassel bracelet (c/o), and a statement necklace (similar).  This is a great polished look for work or church!

Beautiful earrings for pierced ears. I hope you caught that reference to one of my favorite books as a child! I had been searching high and low for a tiny “K” earring for my third hole. I finally found one at Nordstrom, and it has become a permanent fixture on my earlobe. I wore my Kendra Scott Alexandra earrings in Chalcedony, and I thought it was a great pair!


Okay, okay, I know it’s February. But this is one of my favorite Instas ever. I paired my Marley Lilly monogrammed bandeau top with some bright coral swim bottoms (similar), grabbed my shades, $5 infused water from Whole Foods (this was before I had really grasped the concept of budgeting), and a pool read, and headed to the pool for one of the two times I went this summer.


Yaaaaas the Greased Lightening dress! I love this little frock so much that I gave it a name, as you do. They don’t have this print anymore, but they do have it in the blue marble print, which my sister has and I love! I also have it in pink, because it’s so comfy for work!


I’m literally obsessed with my Vera Bradley duffel. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag, you can just keep stuffing things inside and it never seems to fill up. This particular trip was for my birthday (in August lolz), and I packed my trusty denim shorts from Old Navy and my favorite little bird dress from SheInside. Also, this fluffy pink bedding makes me feel like a princess, and that’s the best feeling ever.


Holy Shift. This is my score from the Lilly After Party Sale, and I honestly didn’t get to wear it enough before fall rolled around. This dress is no longer available, but I’m loving this one! I like to go for a classic look with my Lilly, pairing it with nude heels, a string of pearls layered with my monogrammed necklace, and my scalloped monogrammed clutch, c/o Marley Lilly. So Southern I almost can’t even handle myself.


I had my eye on both of these BaubleBar pieces for quite some time. I love love LOVE BaubleBar, but it’s honestly too expensive for me to buy on a regular basis. But! They have awesome sales! Pro Tip: sign up for their emails- then you’ll get all the info. They have at least one piece for under $30 (a lot of the time it’s even $10 or $15!) each week! I got an excellent deal on these EKG studs that I wear nearly every day and this #obsessed dainty bracelet. The bracelet isn’t available anymore, but they have plenty of other dainty options!

loft skirt This is my favorite fall outfit! It’s one of those that I have to limit myself on wearing, because I would wear it every day. This blanket skirt from Loft is a fun addition to my autumn wardrobe. I paired it with a long-sleeved solid black tee, tights, and riding boots. To add some sparkle, I wore my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace in Pyrite (color bar only) and this fierce Gilded Leo Cuff by Baublebar (another Buried Bauble steal).

This was a big one! Fingers crossed that I will stay more on top of Instagram round-ups in the future.

That’s all for meow!

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Trending- Tassels

Hey Cats!

It’s Pre-Friday! AND it’s theSkimm‘s third birthday! Click on my fancy new button to your right, or the link in this post to Skimm with me every day!

But on to the main event. I’m usually not one to follow trends- I tend to go for more classic looks. However, I often break that rule when it comes to jewelry. Jewelry is one of the cheaper  things to add to your wardrobe, and most jewelry trends tend to last for a while. One of my favorite trends this summer is tassels! I started to love these last summer, but now I’m sure that they’re going to be around for a while, need it. Last summer was beaded tassels, but now there are embroidery thread tassels, fabric tassels, and so many more! Here are a few of my favorites:


LAHHVE these Lisi Lerch tassel earrings. These are probably my all-time favorites, even though I have no idea where I would wear them. But how cute would these be with a hot pink romper and wedges for a fancy night out? Too cute.


I’m also loving these bracelets from BaubleBar. They’re so summery and fun, and would make a great addition to your arm party!


I’m also obsessed with these tassel and stone necklaces from Nordstrom. I love the natural stone with the pops of color from the thread tassels. These would be great layered with your everyday necklace to dress up a basic tank! Love it.

What’s your favorite jewelry trend this summer? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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Wish List

Hey Cats!

It’s getting to that point of Christmas break where I am Over. It. and beyond ready to have something productive to do with my time. Know what I did yesterday? I ate candy and sat at my desk trying to write a blog post for five plus hours, straightened my hair, went to the gym, and then teared up at multiple articles titled “Things you MUST do your last semester of college”.


Amidst all of those wonderful activities, I came across a few items I’ll definitely be needing in my closet in the near future, so I decided to share them with you. Think of this as a list of things I’ll be rewarding myself with throughout the semester for various achievements such as good grades or not skipping class for an entire week (hey- senior year is hard).

1. Barrington Monogram Stripe St. Anne Tote


Okay, hi, I will be buying this as soon as I get paid, not even a joke. You know I’m obsessed with Barrington totes, and the other day I stumbled upon their new Monogram Stripe Collection and I just about died. The second I have the option to put my name or initials on something, I instantly need it. This bag reminds me a lot of the monogrammed Louis Vuitton bags, but this one is a much more cost-efficient option. As usual, I love the size, color, and durability of this tote, and it’s #1 on my Prioritized Purchase List.

2. I Can’t Even tank


I love a good graphic tee, so when I came across this tank on Thug Life Shirts, I got really excited. I was thinking that I could wear it to the gym, but then I was worried if people would stare, but then I remembered that I often wear my tank that says “YOLO” and has a picture of Drake as the RL Polo man to the gym, so I could definitely pull this off. Buying it.

3. LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Loafers


I had such inner turmoil about these loafers when I was trying to decide how to spend my Christmas money. My sister has a very similar pair, and she wears them with everything, and we like to be twins so I really wanted a pair for myself. However, I was also dying for short brown booties, but I could only afford one pair. I couldn’t decide which one was the better investment, so I decided to buy whichever ones I found first that were the right size and the right price. The booties won (and I love them), but I still have my heart set on these. One day, my friends. One day.

4. JCrew Factory Pleated Mini

jcrew skirt

Since I will no longer be going to school and work on the same day, I’m feeling compelled to not wear jeans to work every day. This skirt from JCrew Factory would be perfect with tights and boots and a sweater for winter, and would also pair well with a chambray and flats in the spring! I love the camel color- it’s a new favorite neutral!

5. Meme Alphabet Bracelet from BaubleBar

baublebarbraceletYou may remember this little gem from a previous post, and I’m still obsessed. Once I decide which one I want, this BaubleBar bracelet will probably become an impulse purchase on a Friday night when I’m tired of homework and have nothing better to do with my time.

What’s on your wish list right now? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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Trends I’m Loving- Agate Anything

Hey Cats!

I have been noticing agate popping up in jewelry and home decor a lot lately. You might be wondering what agate is, as was I. According to Wikipedia (credible source, I know) agate is a “microcrystalline variety of silica, formed by siliceous deposits in volcanoes”. Basically, it’s a very pretty rock found in volcanoes that, when sliced, has bands of beautiful colors. I think it’s a good thing I took Horticulture instead of Geology. Anyways, it’s a gorgeous natural material that brings a lot of interest and unique flair to accessories for both your ensembles and your living space. Here are a few of my favorite agate items:

agate bangle

This agate bangle from Ellie’s Sparkles is a great way to wear the trend. I love the white and gray agate, it reminds me of sea shells- perfect for summer! This would be a great piece to anchor your stacked wrist.

agate necklace

I also love this Sliced Hot Pink Agate necklace from Etsy. It’s a simple pendant necklace, but the pop of hot pink would instantly spruce up any neutral outfit.

agate coasters

I’m dying to have these Agate Coasters from Kate Spade Saturday for my apartment. How cute would these be on a black or gold coffee table? (Not that I have either one of those…ours is powder blue, but we’re talking about the ideal decor situation.) This is a great, small way to incorporate the agate trend into your home.

agate bookends

These agate bookends from West Elm would add the perfect touch of interesting to your bookshelf. I personally like to have some odds and ends on my bookshelf, I feel like it makes it decorative in addition to functional. I love the creamy blue and white colors of these bookends- it’s a more earthy-looking take on the trend.

Also, fun fact, I just read the book in the middle of the picture, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman for my Health Communication class. Because you wanted to know. It was actually quite emotional, and presented the unique challenges that doctors and people of different cultures face in the American health care system. If you ever have some time on your hands, you should read it- it really challenged my perspectives on some things! But I digress.

How would you like to incorporate the agate trend into your wardrobe or home? Let me know in the comments!

Today, I’m linking up with Zelle from A Southern Style, Kristina from Medicine & Manicures, Katie from Champagne & Suitcases, and Amanda from As the Wine Cork Turns for #TrendingTuesday- head over and see what’s trendy this Tuesday!

Medicine & Manicures

That’s all for meow!

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Floral Frocks with ModCloth

Hey Cats!

One of my favorite parts of spring is getting to wear fun dresses. After a few months of darker, heavier fabrics, wearing a spring dress in a bright pattern is a very freeing experience. I typically get a new dress for Easter each year, but this year I bought one for Ring Day instead. I had every intention of wearing it for Easter as well, but the more I looked at it, the more I decided it wasn’t “Easter-y” enough, so I wore one of my other favorite dresses.

If you’re looking for a new favorite dress this spring, you should definitely check out ModCloth! I was recently contacted by ModCloth to participate in their “Uniquely You” challenge for fashion bloggers. My job was to create an ensemble based around their gorgeous Bouquet of the Season dress, and I had so much fun!



I started (obviously) with the Bouquet of the Season Dress. First of all, I love the print and color scheme of this dress. That, coupled with the sweetheart strapless neckline makes it a beautiful, feminine choice. When I saw this dress, I knew I had to take the ensemble in a classic, timeless direction.



Next, I added the Charter School Cardigan in Ivory. I really love how a cardigan looks over a strapless sundress, and it makes the outfit appropriate for many different occasions!


For footwear, I chose these lovely Every Day of the Chic wedges. They’re a bit more modern than the regular nude pump, but still a classic style.



I decided to keep the jewelry simple and sweet. The Long-Awaited Earrings caught my eye because they’re not too fussy, but still dramatic enough to make a statement. I added the Knot a Moment Too Soon bangle to give the ensemble a dainty touch.


Finally, I chose the Garden Grandeur Clutch. I love the pop of turquoise this adds to the outfit, and how it gives this classic look a modern twist.

If you’re looking for a new dress this spring, head over to ModCloth! They have a great variety of floral frocks that will make you want to wear a dress almost every day of the week,

That’s all for meow!

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Current Obsession: Kate Spade Saturday

Hey Cats!

Now, I know Kate Spade Saturday isn’t necessarily a new thing, but I’ve just recently become obsessed with it. I perused the site when it first opened, but everything seemed a little too casual for me. However, my sister told me to give her some gift ideas from the kate spade new york site last week, and I wandered over to Saturday, just to check it out again. I’m so glad I did- they have the cutest, well, everything! I’m in love with the products- they have a unique level of simplicity that’s really fun and versatile, I’m dying to have basically all of it.

saturday confetti necklace

I love this Confetti Necklace in Beetle Iridescent. This would be the perfect way to dress up a chambray or a solid tee! I also love it in gold as well.

rectangle bracelet

This simple Skinny Rectangle Bracelet is the perfect dainty piece to pile on to your stacked wrist, or to wear alone if you’re a one bracelet kind of girl. It comes in a variety of colors, but my favorite is the black because it goes with everything!

cube earrings

The instant I saw these Cube Earrings, I knew I had to have them, and once I come into some Christmas funds, they will be mine. In high school, I had the CUTEST clear cube earrings that I was obsessed with. I wore them every day, referred to them as my “Ice Cubes”, and received countless compliments on them. One day after cheer practice, I was looking for them in my monster-sized cheer bag, and only found one. I searched high and low, but alas, it was nowhere to be found. It was so sad. Like the time Regina told Gretchen that hoops were her thing. 

Now, if I continued to show my favorites from every category, this would be the never-ending blog post, and no one wants that. So I’ll just leave the rest for you to check out yourself- handbags, clothing, housewares…there’s so many wonderful things!

One other awesome thing about Saturday is their points program. By signing up for their emails, you can earn points towards really awesome free items by adding them to your “Favorites”, sharing on social media, inviting friends to do the same, and by making a purchase. I love free stuff, so I’m all over that! Look for my Saturday’s Five Favorites on Twitter and Pinterest every day to see what else I love!

That’s all for meow!

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Everyday Jewelry for the Gaudy Girl

Hey Cats!

It’s no secret that I love jewelry. From necklaces, to earrings, to bracelets, baubles are the best, and the bigger the better in my book. However, since I’m usually wearing Norts and a tee now every day now that I’m at school, statement necklaces and dangly earrings look a little out of place. But I still like my outfit to have a bit of sparkle, so I’ve got a few staple pieces to wear everyday that draw attention, but not too much!

First, I start with a stacked wrist.

photo (47)

I start with one or two Lily and Laura bracelets, then add my cable bracelet from Katie’s, and anchor it with my Michael Kors watch. I feel like I can get away with this arrangement at school because the watch is practical, and the other pieces are fairly small and not too fussy, so it’s still cute, but fairly casual.

Next, I wear my James Avery rings that I’ve worn forever: one on each hand. However, soon I will replace the one on my right hand with my Aggie Ring! WHOOP!

cross necklace black

As far as necklaces, I usually wear my delicate, black sideways cross necklace. Although it’s very trendy, I like to wear it because it goes with everything, and because it’s a great reminder throughout the day!

photo (49)

For earrings, I tend to wear studs. My current favorites are these kitten earrings from Target, but I also wear my pearls, my Kendra Scott Morgan Studs, or any other shape and size of studs.

This might seem like a lot of jewelry for some, but for those of us who love our gems, it’s just enough! What is included in your everyday jewelry?

That’s all for meow!

A Few of My Favorite Pins-Fashion Edition

Hey Cats!

Like many of you, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I love finding new home decor ideas (for the home I don’t yet have), craft inspiration (to do in my fleeting free time), fashion tips, and new recipes! In fact, my roommate once told me that she always knew when I was in class because she would see that I was pinning up a storm! (That’s a habit that gets you B’s instead of A’s, I wouldn’t recommend it.) I have found that if you need directions or help with anything domestic, you can usually find multiple tutorials on Pinterest. While the majority of my pins are crafts and recipes, I do enjoy pinning to my Fashion board from time to time. This board mostly contains coveted pieces of clothing far out of my price range, but I have found a few pins that lead to great resources for making the most of your wardrobe! Here are my Top 5 links from my Fashion/Hair board!

First is this link to a list of 50 wardrobe must-haves. This will lead you to Chic Street Style, one of my favorite blogs! This lists the staples for a well-built, versatile closet, but also includes fun pieces as well! I personally don’t have everything on the list, but I am slowly working towards it!


Next is this Urban Decay Naked palette tutorial. I love my Naked palette, and I use it every day! There are so many colors, and I didn’t really know how to use them all properly, so I’m glad I found this tutorial from MakeupByTiffanyD! I tried the “Everyday Fresh Faced” tutorial, and now that’s what I wear every day!


This next pin is great for the winter! I love scarves, but anything other than an infinity scarf gives me anxiety. I can never decide how to tie it and it’s just a stressful time. However, this website, Scarves Dot Net, has an entire library of scarf-tying tutorials! Some are really difficult and elaborate, and some work if you’re in a hurry. The pin leads you to a page with the best scarf knots for different necklines, which is great, but I would encourage you to explore the rest of the site for other ideas!


This next pin has definitely come in handy this spring, since neon is all the rage. It shows the best colors to pair with your neons (because you would never wear a solid neon color from head to toe. At least not if you wanted to be my friend.). I especially love the idea of orange paired with navy! The link leads you to the blog “with an ie”.


Next is a pin I really love. I am all about the stacked bracelet trend, but I find it difficult to arrange the bracelets correctly. This visual guide from Kate Spade New York (of course. Love ya, Kate) is a good reference for how many bangles to pile on and in what order. I like how it shows a variety of bracelets on each wrist with a few different options!


And since I love the kitties so much, here is an extra. I am absolutely dying for a cat sweater, and it is my goal to get one this winter. I know it’s not the most chic addition to my wardrobe, but I feel like I could pull it off. Like, I NEED this. Right meow.


So there you have it! What are the best fashion tips you have come across on Pinterest?

Until next time!

DIY- Links and Leather Bracelet

Hey Cats!

I am so happy to have finally finished this project! I bought all the materials back home before I came back to school, and I finally got around to finishing it this afternoon! My original plan was to follow the exact directions from studs and pearls for the Lanyard Double Chain Bracelet (, but sadly, I purchased the wrong kind of chain, so I tried, but my efforts failed. However, I might try to make it again, this time with the correct type of chain! Nevertheless, I like what I came up with, and it still has the same idea of the studs and pearls bracelet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Enough chain to go around your wrist twice (I bought mine the length that you see above, and didn’t cut it, so if you’re going to cut yours… I have no tips on how to help you. Godspeed.)
– Jump rings (I bought a package of like, 100 & used 5)
– Lobster clasps (you’ll only need one, but I bought a 4-pack for future use, it’s cheaper that way)
– Leather cord (You can buy the huge spool if you’d like, but that’s about $15, and mine was around $4, and I still have plenty left over)
– Needlenose pliers (I think people who aren’t from East Texas know these as jewelry pliers. I didn’t have any, so I improvised…with a wrench. It was painful.)
And Here’s what you do! :
1. First, cut a piece of leather cord, about 55-60 inches. I cut mine 60 inches when I was attempting to make the first bracelet, and so I just kept it. But I cut off around 5-7 inches when I was done, so it was a little long.
2. Locate the center link of the chain. This can be easily done by folding the chain in half, matching the two ends up, & see which link is the middle. Thread the leather cord through the center link, making sure both tails of the cord are even.

Also, to make sure you don’t lose the center link (this will matter more once you start threading the cord on both sides), tie a small piece of ribbon around the center link. Or you could go ahead and put a jump ring on.

3. Begin threading the leather cord through each link of the chain. Make sure you don’t pull too tight or the chain will get all caddywompus, and we can’t have that, now can we?? But seriously, make sure the chain stays somewhat flat, and be careful not to twist the leather.
4. Continue threading the leather through the chain until you reach the end of that half of the bracelet. This is what you should have:

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other side of the chain.
6. Once you finish threading the cord, you’ll need to tie off the leather. Before you cut it, bring the end of the cord back through the last link of chain, towards you. You should then have a loop of leather cord at the top of the link. Bring the end of the cord up through that loop, away from you. After you pull tight, you should have a small knot.Just cut the excess cord off and it should be sturdy! (I understand that these instructions are a little difficult to understand, but I have full confidence that if you’ve gotten this far, you must have some level of intelligence and will be able to figure something out. Use your problem-solving skills.)
7. On the center link (the one you tied the ribbon to), attach two jump rings. The easiest way to do this is to open just one, using the pliers. Or you can pry it open with your fingers like I did, but my broken fingernails and still-hurting fingers strongly urge against it. Next, slip the ring onto the center link, but don’t close it yet! Take a second closed ring and slip it onto the open ring. Then, again using the pliers, squeeze the first ring closed, making sure it is closed tightly so it doesn’t break.

8. Next, on the end with the two leather knots, attach a jump ring to both of the end links on each side, and then connect them to each other
9. Then, open a new jump ring and slip it onto one of the two jump rings attaching the loose ends. Place a lobster clasp on the open ring, and then close it with the pliers, making sure it’s closed tightly!

And you’re done! Here’s what it looks like!

I’m super excited to wear this! I hope you will try this, and give it your own little spin! You could use different colored leather cord or chain, or you could use lanyard or even strips of fabric. I chose the black and gold just because it’s versatile and classic, but I will probably make another one that’s a little more trendy! I don’t really know what my next project will be, and I’ll probably just post a blog post without a craft next, because school/life is about to start getting a little cray. So if you don’t hear from me, I was most likely taken captive by Psych 107 and Comm 243, so please come find me. Until next time!

DIY- Summer Camp Chic Bracelet

Hey Cats!
I finally finished my latest DIY project! Well, sort of. I still have to make another one, but I just couldn’t wait to share 🙂 I can’t take a lot of the credit for this one, I got the idea from the March 20th post of the blog I Spy DIY ( I also got some tips from the blog …love Maegan ( It’s really easy, and it reminds me of craft time when I went to camp in elementary and middle school. I always made lanyards, but I never knew what to do with them, so they ended up in a drawer somewhere. I wish I had thought to make bracelets out of them! Anyways, here’s how you make it!

You will need:
-2 different colors of plastic string. I used Rexlace & found it at Hobby Lobby.
-A toggle clasp set. Again, Hobby Lobby.

1) First, measure 60-80 inches of each color of lacing. Mine was closer to 60, but it depends on the size you want your bracelet. When in doubt, always go longer! (This is the information I got from …love Maegan)

2) Next, thread both colors of lacing through the bar part of the clasp, making sure the clasp is in the very center of the lacing and the ends are even.

3) Then, tie a knot at the base of the clasp, under the loop you threaded the lacing through.

4) Now you’re ready to start braiding your bracelet! Before you begin, lay your lacing out in the shape of a cross, with the colors across the knot from each other. You should keep it like this at all times while you’re working.

5) Bring each pink strand across to the other side, as if they swap places, but keep them straight. Hold it down between your index finger and thumb.

6) Next, the blue strands will swap sides. Bring each blue strand over the first pink strand and under the second, making a box shape.

7) Next, with a blue strand and a pink strand in each hand, pull tight! The loops should tighten into a box like the picture, but if they don’t, DO NOT freak out. I had to do this one about 15 times before it worked correctly. It just takes a little patience!

8) Repeat steps 5-7 one more time.
9) This time, we will do basically the same thing, except diagonally. Instead of bringing the pink strands straight across, you will bring them across in a diagonal. You should be able to see the box as a diamond between the two pink loops.

9) Bring the blue strands across in the same over-under manner. I recommend bringing the right strand across the top, it’s just easier! And then tighten as you did the first two!
10) Repeat the diagonal box for the entire bracelet! It’s actually quite easy and doesn’t take a lot of concentration. I watched Dance Moms while I was making mine!
11) After a while, you will start to see a nice pattern forming

12) Keep going until it’s as long as you want it to be! Mine was about 6 & 1/2 inches long.

13) When you’ve reached your stopping point, tie a tight knot at the end.

14) Next, string all 4 strands of the lacing through the loop on the circle part of the clasp. It might be a little challenging to get them to fit, but it can be done!

15) Tie a knot close to the clasp, leaving a little space between the end of the bracelet and the clasp.

16) Continue tying knots, remembering to pull very tightly, until the lacing is too short to do another one. I tied three.

17) Trim the lacing to the length of the shortest strand

And you’re done! I would suggest burning the ends of the loose ends a little so they will stick together. I haven’t done that yet, but I plan to, because the ends are annoying. Here’s what mine looked like!

After I finish my sister’s, I might just have to make more in another color! These are great for summer, and I just love it! I’m not really sure what my next DIY will be, but I’m working on it! Until next time!