Friday’s Few

Hey Cats!

Happy Friday! And Happy April Fool’s Day I guess. Personally, I do not like April Fool’s day, because I will believe literally anything people tell me. So you can imagine the turmoil I’m in when people tell me all sorts of things and I believe them and then they say, “April Fools!”. Like stop, you’re just taking advantage of me. I digress.

This has been a crazy week, and it’s gone by pretty fast! Not that I’m complaining. Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1. Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes and Red Onions-SkinnyTaste

tomato-onion chicken

I made this Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes and Red Onions from SkinnyTaste on Wednesday (the only night I cooked this week…insert embarrassed monkey emoji) and it was so yummy! I pinned it but I wasn’t really dying to make it, until my sister said she had made it and loved it, so of course I had to try! As you may or may not know, roasted vegetables are kind of my jam. They just have such a delicious flavor and texture and they are so easy. Anyways, I grilled the chicks on my George Foreman and piled it high with the roasted tomatoes and onions and fresh basil, and it was divine. I could have eaten another piece. If you’re looking for an easy and pretty healthy dinner, give this a try!

2. Target With Liza

My bestie Robyn shared this gem with me and I’m still dying. She worked at Target in College Station, and way too often, I would wander around Target on Friday nights alone, and I would run into her all. the. time. And I would always be buying things I didn’t need, such as a Lilly for Target (remember that madess?) romper from the little girl’s section. This still happens to me, but unfortunately I don’t have any friends at Target. It’s just me being pathetic. #FunFriday.

3. A Good Start


I stumbled upon a great article from MyDomaine, How 7 Female Leaders Spend Their First Hour at Work. It has some great advice from successful women, and I think it shows that how you start the day sets the tone for how your workday will go. I’m having a hard time choosing my favorites, but I love Lauren Conrad’s advice of checking in with coworkers, and Marissa Mayer’s advice of a three-tier priority list.

4. New Music

brett eldridge

A few weeks ago I saw Brett Eldredge at the Houston Rodeo with my friends on a whim, and it was THE BEST. The rodeo and also the concert. He wasn’t really on my list of people to see, but I had strep throat and missed Jason Aldean with my church friends and Miranda Lambert with my sister (I cried), and then I broke up with my boyfriend (surprise, I had a boyfriend during my blogging hiatus), so my friends were like, “COME TO THE RODEO WITH US WE’RE SEEING BRETT ELDREDGE” the next day, so obviously I went. I knew I liked him but now I’m obsessed. I am currently listening to the above-pictured album as we speak. If you like country music and are looking for something new, check him out!



I’m just so excited I feel like Heather Dubrow needs to tell me to calm down. On Saturday I have a Junior League shift and then I have to clean my whole apartment before it literally consumes me, but on Sunday I’m going to a Mumford & Sons concert with my bestie Ashley! Yay weekend!

I hope everyone has a great weekend- That’s all for meow!

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