1 Reason I’m Over The “Blog List” Trend

Hey Cats!

It seems every time I check Facebook, there is a different article telling me a certain number of reasons I should do/not do a specific thing. From “23 Things to Do Besides Getting Engaged Before Age 23”, to “16 Must-Have Qualities in a Husband”, to “39 Reasons Leggings Qualify as Pants” (this one I could get behind), everybody has an opinion on everything, and they’re darn sure going to let us all know about it. AND THEN, some passionate soul takes things too seriously, becomes personally offended, and writes a rebuttal that is consequently smeared all over my Facebook timeline as well.

Let’s be real: this is getting old. Exhausting, really. So naturally, I’ve written a list of my own, but I’ve decided to keep it incredibly brief.¬†¬†Every time I come across “25 Things You Should Consider Before Deciding What Jewelry to Wear Today”, here’s what comes to mind:

1) I’ll do what I want, thanks. I’m confident enough in my own life choices to know that the opinion of someone I don’t know has no effect on me. I’m not saying I’m against taking a stand on something and telling me why you did- I’ve done that before. I’m just saying that the imperatives are unnecessary. You think you’re better off because you got engaged before you hit a quarter of a century? Cool, I’m going to go blog about my new salmon recipe, respect your choices, and not tell you what to do. What you choose to do is your business, and what I choose to do is mine. I can’t wait for the day we all understand this and Facebook can go back to being my source of comic relief.

Thank you for humoring my sass.

That’s all for meow!