Friday’s Five

Hey Cats!

Happy Friday! I’ve got a busy day ahead, with the dreaded eye doctor appointment, lunch at my favorite barbecue joint with my bestie, and some other errands on my to-do list. I think I’m going back to College Station in the middle of next week, and the last few days at home are always super busy! I’ll be sad to leave, but I’m excited to get back to Aggieland for one last semester (omg, no.). This week has flown by, but here’s what I’m loving:

1. BarbieStyle on Instagram


Hi, this is not a joke. Barbie has an Instagram account, and it’s better than mine and probably all of yours as well. As a child, I loved Barbies. My sister and I had three enormous tubs full of them, complete with clothes, houses, and a Barbie-sized Porsche. Well, Barbie has grown up with me, and now shares her life on the social medias. THANK GOD. Whoever is in charge of this project (hello, dream job) acts like Barbie has a real life, which is a little creepy, but not enough to stop me from being completely obsessed and glean outfit inspiration from a fictional character. I mean, the girl has a Barbie-sized Birkin, “shops” at Barney’s, and eats cronuts, so she’s very on-trend. Follow it, love it, and don’t even be sorry about it.

2. An Elevator Speech How-To

With this being my last semester of college, networking and finding a job is something that’s constantly on my mind. I’ve interviewed for a few jobs and internships during college, so I’m somewhat comfortable with talking about my skills and abilities in that setting- though there’s definitely always room for improvement. However, something I need to work on is a short spiel that I can give on the fly in case I ever come in contact with someone in the industry I’m interested in. Earlier this week, Molly from A Piece of Toast shared this great article on composing an elevator speech, and it was very helpful! She addressed a few of my concerns, like having confidence in yourself even when you have little to no experience, and having to explain what exactly you do. If you’re looking for a job (or even if you’re not!), this is a crucial skill to develop.

3. Avocado Toast Recipes


I found this collection of avocado toast recipes on Pinterest, and I’m dying to try them all. Avocado toast is so delish, and these combinations look like they would really spice things up. Also I believe that putting goat cheese on anything makes it 10x better, so that’ll probably be the first one I try.

4. Spring 2015 Colors

pantone colors 2015

We talked about Marsala last Friday, but here is the complete Pantone Color Report for Spring 2015. I love that most of the colors aren’t too pastel, but are very rich hues. Also, who gets to name these colors, and how can I get that job?

5. A Cat for Good Measure

happy cat

Wrapping it up with this little kitten who wants you all to have a wonderful weekend. Don’t let him down.

That’s all for meow!

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