Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hey Cats!

Did anyone else have a rough time getting going this week? Because I did. I was nearly late to work yesterday because I was being a slowpoke and just wanted to crawl back in bed. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t decide what to wear, and tried on about four different outfits before I gave up because I had five minutes to do my hair and makeup. Hashtag Monday. But it’s Tuesday and I went to bed super early last night, so I should have it together today, but stay tuned.

As do all important holidays, Father’s Day snuck up on me this year. Did you know it’s June 22? It is. That’s a little under 3 weeks from now… yikes! Also, my dad’s birthday is the 24th, so I’m probably just going to order both gifts at the same time. My dad and I are besties, and I always like to get him something special, and now that I actually have a job, I can buy him something a little nicer than a belt or a tie. Here are a few things I’m considering:


Dads love fishing shirts, like this Columbia shirt from Academy.  I would totally get my dad one of these, but he has like, at least five. I know he would probably love another one, but I think this is what I’ve gotten him for the past couple of years. I think dads like these because they can wear them basically anywhere. To the lake, to a football game, or even a casual dinner. I mean, I even have a couple myself. Everyone loves these. Buy matching ones for you and your dad for extra points.


My dad has quite the collection of boots, something we have in common. We all hate traveling with boots, because they take up so much space, and if they get dirty (which is inevitable), you don’t want to put them back in your suitcase. If your dad likes to lug his Luccheses whenever he goes on a trip, this boot bag from Jon Hart is an excellent choice. You can even personalize it, which if you think I love monogramming my own objects, imagine how much I love monogramming gifts for others…about 5x as much.


Another great option is football tickets, or tickets to another sporting event. My parents have season tickets to Aggie games, but I am considering getting my dad tickets to a Rice game (not sure if my dad reads my blog, but if he does I may have just ruined the surprise. So oops.), since he played football at Rice, and now that I live in Houston, it would be an easy trip!



My dad is a real estate agent, so he always carries business cards. I’ve almost bought him this business card case from Marley Lilly three different times, but I always run out of time to order it! I think it would be a good way for him to keep track of his cards when he’s out and about!

What are you thinking about getting your dad for father’s day? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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