Friday’s Five

Hey Cats!

It’s Friday at last! Today you’ll probably find me having a panic attack in holiday traffic because some car with those stupid antlers cut me off, since I have waited until now to start my Christmas shopping. LOL, TIS THE SEASON. Also, since I had copious amounts of time to waste this week while I was supposed to be studying for finals, I have found all sorts of wonderful things on the Internet to share with you people. So here’s what I’m loving:

1. Mayhem for JCrew


Do you remember Mayhem, the adorable little girl that makes paper dresses? Well, she’s working with JCrew on a collection for Crewcuts. No, this is not a drill- a 4-year-old has your dream job. According to this Buzzfeed article, the 9-piece collection will be available this spring, and in all honesty, I will probably try to fit into it. Or maybe I’ll just buy a headband-tiara and hope that one day, I too will be able to form a collaboration with Jenna Lyons out of craft supplies.

2. Last-Minute Gift Ideas


I saw these “Holiday Survival Kits” on Pinterest the other day, and I thought they were adorable! Not necessarily because I need a kit to survive the holidays, but mostly because I like the idea of tying a scarf around the outside of the jar. I feel like gift jars/baskets can sometimes convey a message of, “hey, I didn’t want/have time to get you an actual gift, so I threw some crap in a basket and tied a bow on it, enjoy!” but the scarf makes it more of an actual gift.

3. Prince George’s Christmas Portrait


The best Christmas card that none of us will receive. The Royals released Prince George’s Christmas portraits last week and they couldn’t be more adorable. The cheeks! The hair! The sweater vest! I feel like I could be great friends with this kid- just look at that face, you know he’s got some tricks up his sleeve.

4. Fair Isle Sweaters

JCrew fair isle sweater

So I have this mild obsession with Fair Isle sweaters that tends to resurface around Christmas. Something about them just looks so warm and cozy, which is definitely what I need for Texas weather. Jokes. But I always have this picture in my mind of myself wearing a Fair Isle sweater whilst traipsing around in a snow-covered wooded area, and I’d really like to make that dream a reality. Because the sweater is what’s holding me back. I really like this pastel option from JCrew Factory, so maybe if I get it I can settle for wearing it while walking across campus. Maybe.

5. Man Repeller


I may be a little behind on this discovery, but I came across the blog Man Repeller while avoiding studying for finals, and I’m dying. Two of my favorites? This wonderful turtleneck hair tutorial, and this hilariously accurate account of waiting on a boy to text you back that has me convinced I’m being watched/terrified that it actually doesn’t get any better.

That’s all for this week! I’m home for Christmas break, so I can finally blog like a normal person again. YAYAY.

That’s all for meow!

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