Wednesday Pins-Day

Hey Cats!

It’s already Wednesday again? I feel like I just did last week’s Wednesday post…I guess time flies when you’re not going to school every day. Speaking of, I forgot how much I love blogging every day! It’s so nice to finally have time to actually put together a well thought-out post- I feel like when I’m at school I just throw things together! Hopefully I will have more time next semester to blog more regularly- but no promises.

This week, I’ve been fairly dormant on Pinterest. It’s not that I haven’t been on, it’s just that many of the people I follow pin things that I have no interest in re-pinning, such as wedding ideas or baby stuff. Also, none of those people are getting married nor having babies (to my knowledge), and you all know how I feel about that. Annoyed. Anyways, I was able to gather a few good ideas this week that I would love to share with you!

duct tape fridge

First is this gold-striped refrigerator from Rachel Schultz. I mean, how cute is this? I’m dying to do this to a fridge one day- not the one I have now, it’s black and belongs to my landlord. And it’s just duct tape! I’m dying. I’ll definitely have to do this when I live in a flat in NYC with my bestie Kinsey. Also, check out Rachel’s blog and her multitude of mouthwatering recipes- I want to make everything.

oven fried pickles

Next is this recipe for Oven-Fried Pickle Chips from Skinnytaste. Let me tell you a little about myself. Early on in the semester, my roommate introduced me to fried pickles from Chicken Express- so delicious, but so greasy and unhealthy. Unfortunately, there is a Chicken E basically in the same parking lot of our townhome, so they were constantly taunting me. Well, I often gave in, driving through on my way home after school, or on my way out of town. Perhaps this recipe will help me get my fix without all the grease! I’m definitely looking forward to trying it soon!


Next is this festive, sparkly mani from Nordstrom’s Instagram. While I’m not sure I could make this happen for myself, it would be a lovely option for holiday parties! I also love that both of the colors are glitter, and it’s not just an accent.

kristin wigg

Last but certainly not least is this photo of Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids. One of my favorite movies, and this is one of my favorite scenes. My friends and I constantly say this to each other, and it’s hilarious. If you haven’t watched this, do it over Christmas break- you will die.

As I was writing this, my computer kind of started falling apart at the hinges- not a joke. So hopefully I can get that under control and get back to blogging soon!

That’s all for meow!

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DIY-Glitter Quote Canvas

Hey Cats!

Every Tuesday, my friends and I get together to watch Pretty Little Liars. These past few weeks, we have baked cookies or done some other activity before we watch, since our only other chance to hang out with each other is on the weekends! Yesterday, we decided to craft for our college houses, and we all ended up painting something. My friend Kinsey painted a cross for the cross wall she and her roommates are going to have, and my friend Joy re-painted a canvas with a C.S. Lewis quote to hang in her room. I chose a little different approach, and painted a canvas with a quote from my latest favorite movie- The Great Gatsby. This idea popped into my head a few months ago, but I haven’t had the desire opportunity to paint until yesterday! It totally doesn’t match the colors my roommates and I chose, but they approved anyways!

photo (28)

Isn’t it fabulous?  Kinsey helped me with the lettering, which brought back memories of painting spirit signs in high school for cheerleading (we were true artists, let me tell you!). I LOVE that “party” is in glitter, I think it turned out really well, and it pops exactly how I wanted it to! I painted over the pencil outline in the gold paint, then spread the glitter on with a paintbrush. Next, I went outside and shook the excess off the canvas. Once the letters were dry, I coated the entire painting in ModPodge, leaving the glitter letters for last. I was terrified that it was going to dry white, but it dried clear and gives the painting a nice, glossy finish! This is one of my favorite quotes from Gatsby, and it basically sums up how I feel about college and life in general-a little fun is good for you! I love making decorations for my college house, and I have a few more up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

What’s your favorite DIY decoration?

That’s all for meow!

DIY-Glitter Perfume Plate

Hey Cats!

As I mentioned, last weekend I went down to College Station to visit my friend Ashley! We decided to craft while we watched Real Housewives, but we weren’t sure what to make, so we went to HobLob and wandered aimlessly until we stumbled upon the best invention ever: glitter paint. We’ve all seen the “glitter everything!” tutorials on Pinterest, but you have to use ModPodge and it sounds like a mess I don’t really have time for. But with glitter paint, you just brush it on and you have instant sparkle! Ashley decided to paint a Mason jar for her desk, and I chose a plate to put my perfume on!
Here’s what you’ll need:

-Glitter Paint (We used DecoArt Glamour Dust in Champagne from Hobby Lobby)

glitta paint

-A clear glass plate (Hobby Lobby for under $5), Mason jar, or other glass object
-Paintbrush (obviously)

Here’s what you do:
1. Prepare your workspace with newspaper (Or the paper they wrapped your glass in) so you don’t get glitta on the table. Not that that would be too tragic.
2. Paint! I painted the underside of the rim of my plate, so it would be smooth and so I wouldn’t chip the paint. It takes quite a few coats, and make sure it dries well between coats, or else it will smear and be less than stellar.

This is the finished product!

photo (17)

I plan to put this on the counter in my bathroom to display my perfume and store my everyday jewelry!

image (28)

I think it would be cool to make a few of these and use them for chargers for a brunch or shower! Also, I plan to get another bottle of Glamour Dust (I just love that name) and glitter everything in sight. It’s like a dream come true! How will you use glitter paint to add a little sparkle to your life?

That’s all for meow!


Outfit of the Day- Summertime Scarf & Shorts

Hey Cats!

During the summer, I live in solid tees and JCrew shorts! I usually wear them by themselves, but tonight I decided to dress it up a bit!

photo (11)

I started with a simple white tee from Old Navy and black chino shorts from JCrew Factory. I added my favorite scarf from Target for a pop of neon, and finished the look with my turquoise Elle earrings from Kendra Scott and these fabulous gold glitter smoking slippers, also from Target (I got them a while ago, so they don’t have them anymore!)
That’s all for meow!