WorkIt Wednesday- Get Out of My Face.

Hey Cats!

As we speak, I’m catching up on The Bachelor, since it’s during my sorority meetings on Monday nights. It’s only been about ten minutes, but all I have to say is that these girls are super trashy. I’m not even sorry, and if it turns out like Juan Pablo’s season I may have to stop watching. I mean, that’s probably an empty threat, but please class it up, ladies. I digress.

Today on WorkIt Wednesday, we’re going to talk about my hair. And a little bit about yours, but mostly mine. I like to believe that I have really nice hair, and I like to wear it down most of the time. However, there is nothing more annoying than having it all in your face when you’re trying to be active. For eample, when I was a cheerleader, we would sometimes wear our hair down and straight to basketball games, because you know, everyone cared about how we looked standing in the corner squealing and dodging referees. I just remember a few times where I threw tumbling passes and thought I was going to DIE because my hair whipped over my eyes and I couldn’t see which way was up and everything was moving so fast. Ever since then, I’ve been a little judgy when I see girls with their hair down at the gym. I mean, your hair looks great, but does it not inhibit your workout? Maybe it’s just me, but I like my gym hair like I like anyone’s sass but my own- out of my face.

Here are some of my favorite accessories for a few different hair situations at the gym:

1. Clean Hair

I get it. Sometimes it’s Day 1, and you don’t want a ponytail bump or headband crease. On these days, I’ll just pull my hair back with an extra stretchy hair elastic, like these from Ulta. I like these because they don’t give me a ponytail bump, and they hold pretty well, too.


Sometimes I leave it at a ponytail, but other times I need a headband so the wispies don’t get in my way. I’ll wear a loose-fitting, cloth headband so my hair doesn’t get too greasy, and so I don’t get a headband crease! I have a similar pair of headwraps from Icing, and they’re great for keeping your hair out of the way but still allowing you to wear it down the next day!



2. Day 2 Hair

This is when you’re going to wash your hair before you have to look presentable again. I usually use one of the hair ties above, and pull my hair back with a thin headband. These from Under Armour are my favorites, because they have grips on the reverse side that keep them from sliding down your face while you’re running, because that poses a real problem.


3. Day 3 Hair

This typically occurs on a Saturday, when you definitely should have washed your hair the night before, but you either went out or you just didn’t feel like it, and your hair is greasy and beyond ratchet. The only option for this day? Put on a hat and cover that mess up. This is also a good option for when you don’t want to talk to anyone: just pull the brim down low enough and go on about your day. I have quite a few hats that I wear, mostly with a Texas A&M logo, but my favorite is my monogrammed camo hat from Mandy’s Monograms. It says “I’m pretty cute, but I’m also not messing around”.

photo (51)


So there you have it. Multiple ways to keep your luscious locks out of your face whilst breaking a sweat. Now that I’ve shared this with you, you have no reason to be “that girl” whose hair is the only thing getting a workout. Learn it, love it, live it. And it’s Wednesday, so don’t forget to #werkIt.

That’s all for meow!

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How To Handle a Less-Than-Stellar Haircut

Hey Cats!

I have a love/hate relationship with cutting my hair. I always get really excited before I go, but I always leave disappointed and wanting my old hair back. I got my hair cut last week, and I asked for a trim, explaining to my hair lady that I’m trying to grow my hair out. Well, it was a lot shorter than I expected, and she added more layers than I would prefer. Naturally, I panicked and had an unhappy drive home. However, once a few days went by, I got used to it! Here are a few tips on how to deal with a new haircut that you’re not particularly fond of:

1. Don’t Panic! I know this won’t stop you, especially since I told you that I panicked. But try not to, especially when you’re just leaving the salon-it’s not always going to look like it does then!

2. Fix it Yourself- They rarely style my hair at the salon how I would in real life, so when I get home I usually try to make it look somewhat normal. This is helpful if you’re going somewhere after your appointment.

3. Wash it & Fix it Again!- My hair stylist usually uses lots of product in my hair, so I have to wash it either that night or the next day to get it back to normal! The first wash, I would suggest just shampooing and conditioning. Don’t use deep conditioner or any other products so that way your hair can be clean and natural, and you can get a good idea of what you’re working with! Dry it and style like you usually would. I typically find during this stage that it’s not as bad as I thought! I like to have a lot of time when I do this, and try a lot of different styles!

4. If You Still Hate it- give it a couple of weeks! If it’s too short, I would suggest using a strengthening shampoo and deep conditioner to help it grow faster! Or if you’re really unhappy, go back to the salon if that’s in your budget! Just remember that hair always grows back, and there are plenty of hair stylists in the world, and it takes time to find the right one!

Hopefully these tips will help you the next time you encounter a new ‘do that you’re less than impressed with!

That’s all for meow!

The Search Begins!

Hey Cats!

I need your expert opinions! Yesterday, as I was getting ready to perform my first official act as Maid of Honor for my sister’s wedding, (YAY! Just meeting with the photographer, but still exciting!) my flat iron died. It just wouldn’t turn on, and I tried everything from resetting the outlets, to resetting the plug, to trying many different outlets, but alas, to no avail. It’s a goner. Luckily, I used my mom’s, but soon when I go back to school, that won’t be an option. Here’s where I need your help! I have used a CHI since the flat iron craze of the early 2000’s, when they were a Big Deal. However, I have gone through countless CHI’s; they seem to last only one or two years, and as we know, they’re not cheap! I am willing to spend money on something, provided it is a good investment and will last a long time, and I’ve come to the conclusion that CHI is no longer cutting it in the reliable department. I am looking into different brands, but I need suggestions! I have heard Hai flat irons and Paul Mitchell are good brands, but I want to be sure I’m getting the best! What flat iron do you use and why do you like it? Thank you for helping a sister out! I’ll let you know what I end up getting!

That’s all for meow!