I’ve Got A Blank Space, Baby…

Hey Cats!

I hope everyone’s Monday was great! Mine was kind of a Monday, not in the sense that it was bad, but it was super busy with lots of things emerging out of the blue. I didn’t even finish my morning reports until after lunch, which really stressed me out. But by the end of the day, things had definitely calmed down, and after a workout and a night of blogging (for both work and fun…yay!) , I’m ready to go today!

Decorating my apartment was something I had looked forward to long before I knew where I would be living. I had most of my wall space planned out: collage wall above my couch, big mirror in the dining room, Audrey Hepburn print surrounded by my antique hat collection above my bed, and a couple of oddly-shaped prints and collage frames to squeeze into the tiny slivers of wall wherever I could find. That pretty much covered everything, except for a few gaping expanses of wall over my TV, my dresser, and in my hallway.

So what to put in these blank spaces? Well I don’t have anybody’s name to write, that’s for sure. But I have been considering a few options, and  maybe you could help me out! I think that all of these options would look great, but the trouble is deciding on only two or three! Here are my options:


A Prada Marfa canvas is the perfect chic and sleek addition to my apartment. I am 100% sure I’m getting one of these, but I haven’t decided what room I’m going to put it in! There are a lot of options on Etsy, in many different sizes. I’m wanting one that’s fairly large so it will cover a lot of wall space.


I’m also considering a sunburst mirror for above my dresser. I found this one on Wayfair, but I bet you could also find one at Home Goods (my favorite place ever) or Hobby Lobby!


Obviously I’m considering a wall monogram, like this big one from Marley Lilly. It comes unfinished, but I would probably paint it gold, gray, or black! I thought about doing a design but I do not have that type of talent, so one color it is. But glitter is also an option, per usual.


I also love the idea of a watercolor canvas. This one from Pottery Barn is beautiful, but it wouldn’t really match the rest of my decor. I have my eye on one at HomeGoods, it’s navy, gray, pink and gold and would look perfect on any of my blank spaces- plus it’s a lot cheaper!


Finally, I’m considering another collage wall, because it’s perfect for those of us who can’t decide. I also have a couple of small art pieces that need a home, so this is looking like a good option. And obviously I would love to find quite a few more!

So now that you’ve seen my options, which ones are your favorite? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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