In My Closet-Denim Jacket

Hey Cats!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I’m already ready for it to be the weekend! Mostly because my birthday is on Saturday! I’ve always loved having a summer birthday, since I never have to go to school or anything, and luckily, the first year I’m working, it’s on a Saturday. If only every August 3rd could be a Saturday. Anyways, I’m sure I will have more about that later this week and next. Right now, I need to share with you another segment of In My Closet- a blog series where I feature an item of clothing I personally own that I feel is a necessary staple in the wardrobe of a fashion-forward young woman. This week, I’ve decided to feature something I’ve had in my closet for years, but just now started appreciating its true value-my denim jacket!

image (8)

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For a while, whenever I would think of a denim jacket, I thought about the one I had in elementary school that I kind of loved but kind of hated, It was from Old Navy (of course), and I wore it with literally everything. I thought it was cute (because that’s what my mom told me…she was right), but I hated how it felt-scratchy, stiff, and crunchy. I refused to wear one for a while, but I got this out of necessity my sophomore year of high school, when our homecoming dance was western-themed, and I needed something to go over my dress. It has stayed in the back of my closet for years, but I recently brought it out again for a western-themed date party. It was February and I had the cutest dress, but it was a bit chilly! That’s when I realized that this jacket was worth more than I was giving it credit for. As the weather got warmer, I started wearing the jacket with maxi dresses, cotton dresses, and colored jeans and solid tees. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t cropped, because that makes things awkward, but my denim jacket has truly become a valuable gem in my wardrobe. My favorite way to wear it is with my patterned maxi, sandals, and bold jewelry! It’s a great piece to throw over anything to make it more conservative or more fitting for cooler weather. I’m seeing denim jackets more and more this summer- my friend Kinsey wore hers over a cute floral dress with heels to church on Sunday, and one of the girls in my office wore one with a simple striped dress. As I said, I purchased mine so long ago that I can’t even remember where I got it, but I love this classic from Levi’s, this one (on sale!) from Old Navy, or this dark washed option from Joe’s Jeans. I’m excited to see what I can do with it in the fall-stay tuned! 

What’s your favorite way to wear a denim jacket?

That’s all for meow!