Friday’s Five

Hey Cats!

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I’ve had a great week at home, and I’m a little sad it’s coming to an end. I’m excited for my internship, but I also love spending time with my family! But you can’t have it both ways, so Monday it’s back to Aggieland I go! My parents have been at work during the day, so I’ve been on my own a lot this week, running errands and lunching, but mostly lounging- not sorry. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:


10 things before buying

First is this article from Yahoo! that gives 10 questions to ask yourself before buying anything expensive. As someone who is a bit of an impulse shopper, these questions make the “it’s an investment” excuse seem null and void. So before you swipe your card, take home that fabulous handbag, and then realize you can’t eat out for the next two months, go through this list- you’ll thank me.


photo (73)

I got to see my little blonde bestie on Wednesday! She goes to school allll the way across Texas, so we rarely get to see each other. Also, we’re both staying in our college towns this summer, so Tuesday was probably the only day we’ll be in our hometown at the same time…tragic. But we’re planning to visit each other, so that will be good! We went last-minute shopping for her trip to Europe (she left Thursday- tell Kate Middleton I said hello!) and caught up. Definitely a highlight of my trip home, as usual! Also, we’re both wearing Kendra, duh. Kinsey’s wearing the Danielle Earrings in Rose Quartz, available on the Color Bar, and I’m wearing my Elle Earrings in Turquoise.


image (67)

Next is this little impulse purchase. I’ve been dying for this candle for years, ever since the people I babysat for in high school had them all over their house. I guess this means I’m an adult- choosing to buy a candle instead of nail polish.  It’s a Tyler Candle, made in my hometown, and the scent is Limelight. It’s such a fresh, sassy scent, and I can’t wait to use it in my room at school! They can be found at gift shops across Texas, and online. I’m obsessed.


watermelon flats

These kate spade new york Jade Watermelon Flats bring back memories of a watermelon swim suit I had as a small child, and I’m loving it. How cute would these be for summer? Kate, you’ve done it again.

5. Last is the story about the cat that saved a little boy from a dog attack. I saw this on the news on Wednesday, and was quite surprised, since cats are usually pretty uninterested in anything other than themselves.  I’m sure you’ve seen this on the news as well, but if not, you can watch the video here. Just another reason to love kitties! I also love how the little boy said that the cat was his hero- so sweet!

So there you have it- another week! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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