DIY- Summer Camp Chic Bracelet

Hey Cats!
I finally finished my latest DIY project! Well, sort of. I still have to make another one, but I just couldn’t wait to share ūüôā I can’t take a lot of the credit for this one, I got the idea from the March 20th post of the¬†blog I Spy DIY ( I also got some tips from the blog …love Maegan ( It’s really easy, and it reminds me of craft time when I went to camp in elementary and middle school. I always made lanyards, but I never knew what to do with them, so they ended up in a drawer somewhere. I wish I had thought to make bracelets out of them! Anyways, here’s how you make it!

You will need:
-2 different colors of plastic string. I used Rexlace & found it at Hobby Lobby.
-A toggle clasp set. Again, Hobby Lobby.

1) First, measure 60-80 inches of each color of lacing. Mine was closer to 60, but it depends on the size you want your bracelet. When in doubt, always go longer!¬†(This is the information I got from …love Maegan)

2) Next, thread both colors of lacing through the bar part of the clasp, making sure the clasp is in the very center of the lacing and the ends are even.

3) Then, tie a knot at the base of the clasp, under the loop you threaded the lacing through.

4) Now you’re ready to start braiding your bracelet! Before you begin, lay your lacing out in the shape of a cross, with the colors across the knot from each other. You should keep it like this at all times while you’re working.

5) Bring each pink strand across to the other side, as if they swap places, but keep them straight. Hold it down between your index finger and thumb.

6) Next, the blue strands will swap sides. Bring each blue strand over the first pink strand and under the second, making a box shape.

7) Next, with a blue strand and a pink strand in each hand, pull tight! The loops should tighten into a box like the picture, but if they don’t, DO NOT freak out. I had to do this one about 15 times before it worked correctly. It just takes a little patience!

8) Repeat steps 5-7 one more time.
9) This time, we will do basically the same thing, except diagonally. Instead of bringing the pink strands straight across, you will bring them across in a diagonal. You should be able to see the box as a diamond between the two pink loops.

9) Bring the blue strands across in the same over-under manner. I recommend bringing the right strand across the top, it’s just easier! And then tighten as you did the first two!
10) Repeat the diagonal box for the entire bracelet! It’s actually quite easy and doesn’t take a lot of concentration. I watched Dance Moms while I was making mine!
11) After a while, you will start to see a nice pattern forming

12) Keep going until it’s as long as you want it to be! Mine was about 6 & 1/2 inches long.

13) When you’ve reached your stopping point, tie a tight knot at the end.

14) Next, string all 4 strands of the lacing through the loop on the circle part of the clasp. It might be a little challenging to get them to fit, but it can be done!

15) Tie a knot close to the clasp, leaving a little space between the end of the bracelet and the clasp.

16) Continue tying knots, remembering to pull very tightly, until the lacing is too short to do another one. I tied three.

17) Trim the lacing to the length of the shortest strand

And you’re done! I would suggest burning the ends of the loose ends a little so they will stick together. I haven’t done that yet, but I plan to, because the ends are annoying. Here’s what mine looked like!

After I finish my sister’s, I might just have to make more in¬†another color! These are great for summer, and I just love it! I’m not really sure what my next DIY will be, but I’m working on it!¬†Until next time!