Need It Now- My Current Obsessions

Hey Cats!

Recently, I’ve gained a new love for jewelry. In the past I found it difficult to find pieces that matched each outfit, but that was only because my collection was too small. So obviously I had to do something about that! Over the past year, my bauble stash has grown considerably (but not too much, I’m on a college girl budget) and I have enjoyed adding variety to my wardrobe with jewelry. I try not to get pieces that are too trendy so I can use them forever, but there are a few pieces that are so “right now” that I’m dying to try!

Above-The-Knuckle Rings


I LOVE these. They’re so dainty and a little bit funky, and they remind me of Phoebe from friends. My friend Kinsey and I were shopping the other day and we found some and completely freaked out because we have been looking for them FOREVER. I didn’t get any, (I so should have) but she did and they’re so cutie! I think they look great with bright nails and a well-stacked wrist! I also love the look of having one on multiple fingers. The ones pictured above are from Children Of Flowers on Etsy. Etsy has a great selection with an excellent price range! I love the chevron, and I also love these simple bands from AlinMay, these with the gorgeous rhinestone detail from JackandHazelStore, and of course, these with the precious heart and triangle detail from Raw Earth Studio. There are so many more that I love, initials, crosses, and many other shapes! There’s something for everyone!

The Stacked Wrist


This image from kate spade new york shows a few variations on the stacked wrist. I like the different materials and color combinations, I think it adds interest and personality to an outfit! I also love anchoring the look with a big watch, like this one from Michael Kors. Another great addition to the stacked wrist is a few of these beautiful beaded bracelets from Lily and Laura&lt. The best thing about a stacked wrist is that you can use what you have, and it never has to look the same!

Layered Necklaces


I have one necklace that I typically wear every day, with a Texas A&M charm and my sorority letters, so I’m usually not into other necklaces, but the layered look is making me think again! I love the look of a few dainty chains of varying lengths with different charms or stones. I’m looking into buying a few to mix with a necklace I found in a vase of old jewelry from Goodwill I received at a white elephant party last Christmas. It has a small gold circle charm that says “LOVE” and it’s adorable. I plan on pairing it with a gold and turquoise cross necklace, like this one from addieladawn on Etsy, and an initial necklace, like this one from mctdesigns on Etsy.

All of these trends are definitely on my “to-buy” list for the summer! What are you loving right now?

That’s all for meow!