Ten Dollar Treat Yo Self

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Hey Cats!

Happy Tuesday! Treat Yo Self Tuesday, as I like to call it. Yesterday, our internet was down in my office, so I got to work from home. After a busy weekend, I was dying for a little extra time at home, and I got it! I had a lot to do so I was busy until 5, but it was nice to be at home!

Sometimes in life, you just need to treat yo self. Whether it was a bad day at work, a great day at work, you just want to buy something, or just because it’s Tuesday, it’s necessary sometimes. However, if you get in the habit of this, it can get a little expensive. I say this because I know. So, I’ve put together a list of my favorite little treats that won’t blow your budget! Most of them are under $10, and some of them are free!


1. New reading material

I love to pick up a new magazine or book for a weekend treat yo self. Typically it’s a magazine because they’re about $5 tops, but sometimes you can find a great book on sale! My favorite magazines are Southern Living, InStyle, and Harper’s Bazaar. For books, I typically head to Target (because if I just want to buy something, that’s where I’m at).

2. A good workout

In the wise words of my role model slash style icon Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t”. Well, I don’t have a husband so I don’t have to worry about anything dramatic, but a nice sweat session is a great way to boost your attitude! My new favorite way to workout is this Nike Training Club app. It’s free, and it has a huge library of workouts to choose from! This may take a little convincing to view it as a treat, but it works really well when you’re broke.

3. A petite pampering

Sometimes you want to treat yo actual self. But you can’t justify a pedicure because it’s only Tuesday and you just bought clothes for vacation so that would not be wise. Some of my favorite purchases are pillow mist  ($10), bath bombs from LUSH, ($4-8), 0r  a fun new nail polish color that’s perfect for summer ($8-10)!

4. A tasty treat

Full disclosure, I had to try really hard to not make this list all food. Let’s just cut to the chase, if you’re wanting an easy and inexpensive way to treat yo self, go get Starbucks, ice cream, Taco Cabana nachos, or whatever else you want that’s unhealthy. Because: treat yo self.

5. Window shopping

This one can be tricky, because you may end up spending way more than $10. But sometimes, I just like to make my shopping list of things to keep in mind for an actual shopping trip!

What’s your favorite way to treat yo self without spending too much? Let me know!

That’s all for meow!

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Perfecting the Pool Tote

Hey Cats!

Now that it’s summer, I am at the pool in my neighborhood just about every day. In fact, I currently have a lovely pool perm from an after-dinner swim with my family! When I go during the day, I tend to camp out and stay for a few hours, which means I can’t just grab a towel and run- I need supplies! I also really like to be prepared for any situation, so it kind of freaks me out to not have things I might need. Over the past few summers, I have become a self-proclaimed expert at pool-tote packing. Here’s my list for a perfectly stocked bag!

First of all, you should start with a bag. Obviously. This bag should be big enough to keep all of your stuff in, but not too large to where you can’t handle it. It should also be durable and easy to clean, since it will be outside near water and dirt and children and heat. Also there’s a 100% guarantee your sunscreen will leak at least once in your life. I’ve had my bag for a few years, I actually used it in lieu of a backpack one year in high school. But I don’t really want to talk about that. It’s a big, Kate Landry tote made of vinyl and coated leather. It’s starting to show a little wear, but it’s lasted a really long time, and everything fits!


So now that you have the perfect bag, it’s time to fill it up! You should include

-A beach towel. Duh. I like mine fluffy and long enough to lay on my lounge chair!

-Tanning oil/sunscreen. Because melanoma would be sad.

-Your favorite pair of trendy sunnies

-A floppy hat for days you feel like being a diva. (Every day for me)

-Lip balm, because I always want it at the pool.

-A small pouch to store jewelry. You don’t want to lose a Tory stud in the pool like I did. (They were from Chinatown and I found it, but it was a terrifying twenty minutes.)

-Reading material. Either a magazine or a novel, depending on whether you’re wanting light reading or not.

-A cover-up for to and from the pool. Please don’t be that girl. Be appropriate. This can range from a cute tunic to an oversized sorority tank and shorts. I like to use both, depending on whichever is clean how I’m feeling that day.

-A hair tie and/or a headband. After-pool hair is always kind of a mess and needs to be tamed. I like leaving mine down and wearing a stretchy headband and letting it be free and wild. You decide what works best for your locks!

-A bottle of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the sun, so bring a couple! Even if you have a snowcone or Sonic happy hour, bring water, too!

-A snack. I always get hungry at the pool. I like Goldfish or granola bars, nothing too heavy or that melts.

-The pool key. It’s a sad day when you get all the way to the pool and realize you’ve left the key at home.


So there you have it! What necessities do you have in your pool bag?

Until next time!