Wednesday Pins-Day

Hey Cats!

It’s already Wednesday again? I feel like I just did last week’s Wednesday post…I guess time flies when you’re not going to school every day. Speaking of, I forgot how much I love blogging every day! It’s so nice to finally have time to actually put together a well thought-out post- I feel like when I’m at school I just throw things together! Hopefully I will have more time next semester to blog more regularly- but no promises.

This week, I’ve been fairly dormant on Pinterest. It’s not that I haven’t been on, it’s just that many of the people I follow pin things that I have no interest in re-pinning, such as wedding ideas or baby stuff. Also, none of those people are getting married nor having babies (to my knowledge), and you all know how I feel about that. Annoyed. Anyways, I was able to gather a few good ideas this week that I would love to share with you!

duct tape fridge

First is this gold-striped refrigerator from Rachel Schultz. I mean, how cute is this? I’m dying to do this to a fridge one day- not the one I have now, it’s black and belongs to my landlord. And it’s just duct tape! I’m dying. I’ll definitely have to do this when I live in a flat in NYC with my bestie Kinsey. Also, check out Rachel’s blog and her multitude of mouthwatering recipes- I want to make everything.

oven fried pickles

Next is this recipe for Oven-Fried Pickle Chips from Skinnytaste. Let me tell you a little about myself. Early on in the semester, my roommate introduced me to fried pickles from Chicken Express- so delicious, but so greasy and unhealthy. Unfortunately, there is a Chicken E basically in the same parking lot of our townhome, so they were constantly taunting me. Well, I often gave in, driving through on my way home after school, or on my way out of town. Perhaps this recipe will help me get my fix without all the grease! I’m definitely looking forward to trying it soon!


Next is this festive, sparkly mani from Nordstrom’s Instagram. While I’m not sure I could make this happen for myself, it would be a lovely option for holiday parties! I also love that both of the colors are glitter, and it’s not just an accent.

kristin wigg

Last but certainly not least is this photo of Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids. One of my favorite movies, and this is one of my favorite scenes. My friends and I constantly say this to each other, and it’s hilarious. If you haven’t watched this, do it over Christmas break- you will die.

As I was writing this, my computer kind of started falling apart at the hinges- not a joke. So hopefully I can get that under control and get back to blogging soon!

That’s all for meow!

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Half-Moon Nails- An Experiment

Hey Cats!
Besides diy’s, one of my other new hobbies is trying new trends on my nails. Now, I’ve never been very good at painting my nails, so I usually don’t try things that seem complicated, but the other day I found some videos on Shine (Yahoo) that were very good and seemed easy enough, even for me! So, I gave the half-moon nails a try, because I’ve been seeing them in magazines and I love how they look! Instead of trying to teach you myself, I’ll just direct you to the video that I used!

Since I tried this, I guess I should show you how it turned out. Please keep in mind that I’m not a manicurist for a very good reason 🙂

I used Ulta’s Casual Mauve for the bottom layer, OPI’s You Don’t Know Jaques! for the top layer, and my sister’s Orly top coat. (thanks Katie!)
In the video, she tells you to put the stickers on after you paint each nail, but I would suggest applying all the stickers before you paint the top color. Also, make sure that your nails are very dry before applying the stickers and the second color, and before you peel the stickers off, because I peeled a little of the mauve paint off one of my nails. If you notice a little of the adhesive has been left behind by the stickers, don’t worry about it, the top coat will cover it up!

So, here’s how it turned out! Not perfect, but it’s still cute! I tried using a matte top coat instead of the regular, but I wasn’t crazy about it so I used the shiny. But I might try it next time, and you should too!
Oh, I know I said I had another project to show you, but I’m having a few problems with it, so it might be a few days… and since I’m making two (one for my sister), I would like to finish them both to make sure the instructions are clear! But I can’t wait to share it with you! Until next time!